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September 28, 2010

Word of the Week: Fondant

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Fondant Noun


  • A soft creamy preparation of sugar, water, and flavorings that is used as a basis for candies or icings.

Image from Martha Stewart Weddings

The matte-smooth icing often used as an outer layer on wedding cake tiers to give them a flawless finish. Often characterized by its smooth and shiny finish… and it’s marshmallow-y sometimes unpleasant flavor. Although many brides prefer to go with buttercream, due to it being more flavorful as an icing, don’t knock the fondant. It serves to cover up darker cakes, since chocolate and red velvet can’t peek through a layer of fondant. And with the right baker, it can be just as tasty as any other frosting! Most importantly, fondant creates a smooth finish ready for almost any sort of embellishment and cake topper.

Table Top Cake Photo: Jennifer Kloss Photography; Cake of the Day on WeddingWire!

Digital Crinoline

September 22, 2010

Word of the Week: Fiance

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Fiance Noun


  1. To betroth; to affiance
  2. A betrothed man
Rainy Engagement Photo

Photo by Lisa Boggs Photography

The man you’re about to marry. It could really be a woman, but for the simplicity of a definition, we’ll talk about the boys. He is more than just the guy on your arm. In the wise words of one former fiance, now husband, “if he has an opinion, he will give it. Involve him, but only as much as he wants to be.” Do not assume your fiance wants to go through every detail of the choices between roses and calla lilies. But conversely, don’t keep him out of the loop- there is guaranteed to be an area of the wedding that he cares about most. Maybe it’s the photography, or choosing a band over a dj, or maybe it’s the content of the wedding vows. Make sure you ask his opinion, but when he doesn’t have one… let it go.

image: Nick Smarto

Another fiance, engaged to be married in November, told me recently that once the man has proposed, he already knows he’s getting married. Whatever location you pick for the ceremony, whatever kind of party you decide to have, whatever anyone wears- they already know (or assume until you say yes) that you’re getting hitched. It’s not a question. He’s already thought about the future, and being married to you, and has realized his world is changing. But after he proposes, for the bride… it’s suddenly a huge shift! So remember- he really did choose you already. He really wants to be your husband. Don’t drive him crazy about the wedding himself, when he’s already ready for marriage.

Rachel and Ryan Engagement Photo

Photo by Lisa Boggs Photography

Most of all, remember that your fiance will only be a fiance for a short period of time. The in-between phase, where you’re no longer dating, and not yet married, can be frustrating at times, while you navigate the space between being two people and becoming a united married couple- but it’s also the best time of your life to rejoice, to celebrate, and drink all the champagne (or fizzy beverage of your choice) you like, with the man you love!

Digital Crinoline

September 17, 2010

Tip from the Ribbon Box: RSVP Numbers

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You may have heard this before, but it bears repeating.

Before you seal up the envelopes and send your invitations, remember to write a little number on the back of the RSVP, which either matches the row their name is on in a spreadsheet, or matches a number you assign to them on whatever form of address list you’ve come up with.

image: Christine

When you get back the lovely note thanking you for the invite, and declaring two guests would like chicken for dinner – but no names on the note – you will be so glad to know which of your guests they are!

Digital Crinoline

September 15, 2010

Wedding Research: Escort Cards

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Dear Digital Crinoline,
My fiance and I are having a very informal wedding. I keep seeing escort cards and place cards as I’m shopping for invitations- can you tell me what’s the real difference? Do I even have to bother with either? We’re on a strict budget!
– Over the Paper

Over It,

Here’s the deal. You do not have to assign tables or seats at a wedding- there’s no law saying you do. If your event is very informal… a barbecue picnic for example… there’s no reason to have assigned seating. But if you are having an informal reception at a venue with a sit down meal, then you do need escort cards- even if only so the servers know who needs what food! If you’re worried about cost, though, this is a great place to DIY. There are hundreds of ideas online for easy and interesting escort cards- you certainly don’t have to buy something expensive to meet your needs.

First, escort cards and place cards serve two different purposes. Escort cards let your guests know which table they are assigned to for the reception. Place cards tell them which is their seat at a table. If you’re having a cocktail hour before dinner, or are coming from a church to the reception location, escort cards are often physically placed outside the room on a table. Otherwise, they can be near the door but inside the room. There’s plenty of room for creativity with escort cards- although they should clearly mark the name of each guest, which table they are assigned to, and a meal choice sticker or other designation (if necessary)… the rest is up to you. Usually guests pick up their escort card and put it at the seat they choose at the table, and your job is done.

Escort card/ Placard localização convidados
image: O Nosso Casamento

For more formal weddings, or weddings where you are worried about personality clashes (it happens!) assigned seating can help reduce the stress and make everyone comfortable. It is definitely not necessary, but it’s an option. If you choose to assign seats and not just open tables, you would usually have a list available to let guests know which table to look for, and then they can find their specified seat. The list could be in the form of escort cards, a pretty map on posterboard, or really anything so long as it helps guests know what to do. The wedding is about you, but the reception is in large part about providing comfort for the people there to support you- and that includes making them not have to work too hard to figure out where to sit!

Table Setting
image: Tracy Hunter

table plan
image: Phil Yorke

Digital Crinoline

Do you have a question, but don’t have the time to find the answer- or don’t even know where to start looking? Send your wedding research and planning questions to Digital Crinoline and let me do the legwork for you!

September 13, 2010

Word of the Week: Train

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Train Noun

Officially (a few pertinent definitions):

  1. Railroads – a self-propelled, connected group of rolling stock
  2. A procession of persons, animals, etc. traveling together
  3. Something that is drawn along; a trailing part
  4. an elongated part of a skirt or robe trailing behind on the ground

Natalie - Bridal Session
image: mandaloo

The long part of a wedding gown which trails behind the bride. Although some bride’s gowns have no train at all (they are hemmed evenly across the back and front), many choose to have a longer gown in the back. The length of the train can be anything from a very short additional train all the way to a full royal train (made forever famous in recent memory by Princess Diana). A train only a few inches longer than the rest of the gown, just sweeping the floor, is appropriately named a sweep train. This is a great look for informal weddings.

Wedding dress
image: gadl

The chapel train is the next longest, and is incredibly common because although it gives the look of a traditional wedding gown, it is not very heavy and cumbersome compared to longer trains. A chapel train usually extends about four feet from the waistline, and is suitable for basically any wedding.

My Handmade Wedding Gown
image: zzilch

Next up in size is the semi-cathedral length train, which is longer than a chapel length, but shorter than a full cathedral train, which is generally about 7 and a half feet from the waistline. Because of the length and amount of fabric in a cathedral train, most brides choose to bustle them for dancing (we’ll talk about bustles another time!)

Sarom's Bridal Portraits
image: Christine Tremoulet

Finally, the longest trains of all are royal trains, or depending on where you see them, monarch trains. Incredibly formal (more formal than most brides prefer nowadays, this train extends 9 feet from the waistline. If your wedding is a black tie affair with live orchestras, and especially if you are getting married in a church or venue with a very long aisle, this might be the train for you. But you may wish to consider an alternate dress for later in the evening, if you choose to dance.

The Wedding Gown
image: Ammar Abd Rabbo

Digital Crinoline

September 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary Jennifer & Jason!

The cool breeze today in DC lets us know that fall is in it’s away, after a brutal summer full of heat and humidity. It also brings back fond memories of one year ago- Jason & Jennifer tied the knot on a beautiful September day complete with a color palette of warm reds and oranges, welcoming in the fall season.  On behalf of Ribbon Box events, I wish a Happy Anniversary to Jennifer & Jason! This was such a fun couple and I’m thrilled to have the new blog up so I could share this wedding with you and relive the day!  Jen’s day began at the Georgetown Hotel & Conference Center, in the heart of Georgetown. A recent grad of Georgetown Law, Jen and her bridal party hit the streets for a walk to the ceremony site, Holy Trinity Church; stopping along campus for some memorable photos!  After the ceremony, the couple was whisked off to the Capitol for photos in a 1962 White Bentley, courtesy of Regal Limousine Service. Meanwhile, Chariots for Hire took the Bridal Party to Meridian Park, a stones throw from the reception venue, The Josephine Butler Parks Center. Chariots for Hire also shuttled guests to the reception for cocktail hour. Cocktails, dinner (including a delicious mashed potato martini “fixings” bar served by R&R Catering) and dancing followed at the Josephine Butler Parks Center, a historic property overlooking Meridian Park in NorthWest.  Some great personal touches to this wedding: All florals were done by the brother of the bride, a florist from out of town! The priest was a family friend! Mother of the bride is a long time member and used to be the wedding specialist at the church! 

One of the highlights of the evening was the photo booth from PoshBooth. Guests had a blast- and what’s great is that there are two attendants to show help guests get set up in the booth (they also bring some fun props!). Two copies of the strips are printed, one for the guests and one for a custom guest book for the Bride and Groom.


Here’s a slideshow of their beautifull DC wedding!  Thanks to photographer Dennis Drenner for the beautiful images!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photography by Dennis Drenner

Ceremony:  Holy Trinity Church Washington, DC (Georgetown)

Reception Venue: Josephine Butler Parks Center Washington, DC

Caterers:  R & R Catering

DJ:  Kurtis Cross

Transportation:  Regal Limousine and Chariots for Hire

Coordination:  Ribbon Box Events, LLC

Favors/Entertainment: Poshbooth



September 8, 2010

Wedding Research: The Great Tux-Suit Dilemma

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Digital Crinoline,

My fiance can’t decide. Tux or suits. We keep going back and forth, and I just don’t know what to do! The time’s a ticking and we need to decide RIGHT NOW. Help, please?

– Worried the Groomsmen Will End up in Only Boxers!

Dear Boxer Worrier,

Deciding whether to have the boys wear suits or tuxes is really a personal choice. I can’t tell you which will be better for your wedding. But it might be helpful to know which types of weddings generally go with which level of formalwear. And trust me- even if the groomsmen don’t get told what to wear, I feel pretty confident they’ll at least choose slacks over going pantsless!

The first thing to consider when choosing a tux or a suit for the menfolk is to look at the wedding gown and the wedding venue and time. Are you getting married in the middle of the afternoon at a barbecue, and the bride is wearing a yellow short dress? A suit will certainly do. In fact, you might just wear slacks and a vest and skip the jacket entirely. But if the bride is wearing a confection of beads and lace, and your wedding is beginning at four pm with a dinner reception to follow in a ballroom- well, you don’t have to choose a tuxedo, but they will certainly be the accepted and traditional option.

Tuxedos are the classic choice for a wedding, because they are only worn for formal-wear. Things to think about when you choose a tux are that you can only wear gray and white tuxedos for weddings (and you have to be pretty confident to pull them off), but if you rent or especially buy, consider going with black. They are appropriate for all sorts of formal events, so you’ll get more wear out of it. Vests are much more common than cummerbunds nowadays, and you will want to keep in mind the bridesmaid dress colors while choosing your accessories. Black, white, and silver go with almost anything! Bow ties and long ties are both very chic and appropriate- bow ties are the more classic look, but ties give a great modern look to a traditional tux. Just remember if you pick a bow tie- you need to know how to tie it! Check with your groomsmen (or your Dad) if you don’t know how- the morning of your wedding is no time to be searching out videos on YouTube for help. No matter what, your shirt had better have French Cuffs. Cuff links make a great gift for groomsmen, and definitely check out Etsy for some funky and unique cuff links.

One big advantage to going with tuxes is you can choose a national company that rents them, and everyone can get fitted for the same style tux in their hometown- this can be key if your wedding party is spread across the country!

The groom waits for his bride
Photo credit: wiseacre on Flickr

On the other hand, suits can be a fantastic choice for the groom and his attendants. When well-tailored, suits look youthful and even hip. Best of all, they can be used after the wedding for almost every formal event in your life, from job interviews and holiday parties to other weddings. Your wedding day might be the perfect excuse to finally get a quality and well-made suit, which will last you for years (if not forever, if you stay the same size for the next thirty to fifty years of marriage!) The groom will want to choose a suit that looks classy next to the bride’s wedding gown, but there’s no law that all of the bridal party have to match exactly. Maybe the groom chooses a black pinstripe, while the groomsmen can wear whatever black suit they already own. Don’t limit yourself to just traditional suits either- if you’re getting married on the beach, how about linen? If you want to inject a bit of fun into an otherwise traditional suit, think about brightly colored argyle socks, or another (somewhat) subtle way of showing off your personality.

Photo credit: strife on Flickr

Good luck with whichever attire you decide on for the guys!

Digital Crinoline

Do you have a question, but don’t have the time to find the answer- or don’t even know where to start looking? Send your wedding research and planning questions to Digital Crinoline and let me do the legwork for you!

September 7, 2010

Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaids!

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After a three day weekend, complete with attending the wedding of two dear friends (and my husband in the wedding party!)- I wanted a post to ease back into the week; to be light and pretty.. and a sampling of Cynthia Rowley’s new bridesmaid collection is the perfect inspiration!  Your bridesmaids will be sure to appreciate your sense of sophistication and whimsy- and your mindfulness to their pocketbooks!  Cynthia Rowley’s bridesmaid collection is the perfect balance of eye candy, affordability.. and a pinch of my favorite inspiration- RIBBON! The collection is available by The Dessy Group- and had a great range of dresses for evening and daytime weddings (or just a great cocktail dress!) with a vareity of materials and lengths- not to mention colors!  Prices range from $175 to $220. To check out the full collection, head to Dessy’s website



September 6, 2010

Word of the Week: Bouquet

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Bouquet Noun

Etymology: French, from Middle French, thicket, bunch of flowers (based on Old French bosquet, thicket)


  1. Flowers picked and fastened together in a bunch; a nosegay
  2. A compliment
  3. A distinctive and characteristic fragrance or subtle aroma or quality

Brides bouquet(image: sparktography)

A flower arrangement usually carried in the hands by the bride and bridesmaids. Often the bride’s bouquet is larger or otherwise distinctive from her attendants. The arrangement could be a nosegay, which is a relatively small bouquet with flowers tightly bound together. Alternatively, many other bouquet styles are popular, including the cascade bouquet (popular in the 80s and still nice with very large ballgowns), pomanders (often used for flower girls or bridesmaids), and the ballerina bouquet (in which the flowers are surrounded by tulle).

A bride’s bouquet can be made with any flowers that pique the bride’s fancy- don’t feel forced to limit yourself to the traditional roses and calla lilies. Choose flowers you love, and make sure that whatever style you go with works well with your wedding gown. If you’re very petite or have chosen a slim-fitting dress such as a mermaid or bias-cut style, choose a smaller arrangement so you don’t get lost behind it. Alternatively, if you’re wearing a very large and fluffy gown, consider going big with your flowers to match! Any color is appropriate, though white and ivory are traditional. Here are a few bouquets to get you started on envisioning the perfect style for you!

Brides bouquet(image: 3fold)

Bouquet(image: daftgirly)

Stefanie's Bouquet(image: forbesphotographer)

If you don’t like flowers- remember that your bouquet really can be anything at all, as long as you love it! Consider buttons for a vintage feel and change of pace. Megan of Princess Lastertron is well known for her jaw-dropping button bouquets, and sells them on Etsy:
becky's bridal bouquet(image: princesslasertron)

Digital Crinoline

September 3, 2010

Tip From The Ribbon Box

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Another fun way to use my favorite material!

Photo Credit:  Drouin Photography

Make dinner easier for your buffet guests.  Wrapping silverware and/or pre-placing it at the tables means one less thing to juggle when going through stations or buffet lines.  To give a simple white napkin a little flair, I wrapped each with a lilac ribbon.  Next, I topped each with a sprig of fresh lavender, the result was a sweet smelling, pretty & practical solution for our clients Jaimee & Eric!


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