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September 6, 2010

Word of the Week: Bouquet

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Bouquet Noun

Etymology: French, from Middle French, thicket, bunch of flowers (based on Old French bosquet, thicket)


  1. Flowers picked and fastened together in a bunch; a nosegay
  2. A compliment
  3. A distinctive and characteristic fragrance or subtle aroma or quality

Brides bouquet(image: sparktography)

A flower arrangement usually carried in the hands by the bride and bridesmaids. Often the bride’s bouquet is larger or otherwise distinctive from her attendants. The arrangement could be a nosegay, which is a relatively small bouquet with flowers tightly bound together. Alternatively, many other bouquet styles are popular, including the cascade bouquet (popular in the 80s and still nice with very large ballgowns), pomanders (often used for flower girls or bridesmaids), and the ballerina bouquet (in which the flowers are surrounded by tulle).

A bride’s bouquet can be made with any flowers that pique the bride’s fancy- don’t feel forced to limit yourself to the traditional roses and calla lilies. Choose flowers you love, and make sure that whatever style you go with works well with your wedding gown. If you’re very petite or have chosen a slim-fitting dress such as a mermaid or bias-cut style, choose a smaller arrangement so you don’t get lost behind it. Alternatively, if you’re wearing a very large and fluffy gown, consider going big with your flowers to match! Any color is appropriate, though white and ivory are traditional. Here are a few bouquets to get you started on envisioning the perfect style for you!

Brides bouquet(image: 3fold)

Bouquet(image: daftgirly)

Stefanie's Bouquet(image: forbesphotographer)

If you don’t like flowers- remember that your bouquet really can be anything at all, as long as you love it! Consider buttons for a vintage feel and change of pace. Megan of Princess Lastertron is well known for her jaw-dropping button bouquets, and sells them on Etsy:
becky's bridal bouquet(image: princesslasertron)

Digital Crinoline

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  1. […] the garter, she began tossing the bouquet. With this change, the bride began to toss the bridal bouquet to the single women in attendance.    Nowadays, garters are available in every shape, size and […]

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