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September 8, 2010

Wedding Research: The Great Tux-Suit Dilemma

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Digital Crinoline,

My fiance can’t decide. Tux or suits. We keep going back and forth, and I just don’t know what to do! The time’s a ticking and we need to decide RIGHT NOW. Help, please?

– Worried the Groomsmen Will End up in Only Boxers!

Dear Boxer Worrier,

Deciding whether to have the boys wear suits or tuxes is really a personal choice. I can’t tell you which will be better for your wedding. But it might be helpful to know which types of weddings generally go with which level of formalwear. And trust me- even if the groomsmen don’t get told what to wear, I feel pretty confident they’ll at least choose slacks over going pantsless!

The first thing to consider when choosing a tux or a suit for the menfolk is to look at the wedding gown and the wedding venue and time. Are you getting married in the middle of the afternoon at a barbecue, and the bride is wearing a yellow short dress? A suit will certainly do. In fact, you might just wear slacks and a vest and skip the jacket entirely. But if the bride is wearing a confection of beads and lace, and your wedding is beginning at four pm with a dinner reception to follow in a ballroom- well, you don’t have to choose a tuxedo, but they will certainly be the accepted and traditional option.

Tuxedos are the classic choice for a wedding, because they are only worn for formal-wear. Things to think about when you choose a tux are that you can only wear gray and white tuxedos for weddings (and you have to be pretty confident to pull them off), but if you rent or especially buy, consider going with black. They are appropriate for all sorts of formal events, so you’ll get more wear out of it. Vests are much more common than cummerbunds nowadays, and you will want to keep in mind the bridesmaid dress colors while choosing your accessories. Black, white, and silver go with almost anything! Bow ties and long ties are both very chic and appropriate- bow ties are the more classic look, but ties give a great modern look to a traditional tux. Just remember if you pick a bow tie- you need to know how to tie it! Check with your groomsmen (or your Dad) if you don’t know how- the morning of your wedding is no time to be searching out videos on YouTube for help. No matter what, your shirt had better have French Cuffs. Cuff links make a great gift for groomsmen, and definitely check out Etsy for some funky and unique cuff links.

One big advantage to going with tuxes is you can choose a national company that rents them, and everyone can get fitted for the same style tux in their hometown- this can be key if your wedding party is spread across the country!

The groom waits for his bride
Photo credit: wiseacre on Flickr

On the other hand, suits can be a fantastic choice for the groom and his attendants. When well-tailored, suits look youthful and even hip. Best of all, they can be used after the wedding for almost every formal event in your life, from job interviews and holiday parties to other weddings. Your wedding day might be the perfect excuse to finally get a quality and well-made suit, which will last you for years (if not forever, if you stay the same size for the next thirty to fifty years of marriage!) The groom will want to choose a suit that looks classy next to the bride’s wedding gown, but there’s no law that all of the bridal party have to match exactly. Maybe the groom chooses a black pinstripe, while the groomsmen can wear whatever black suit they already own. Don’t limit yourself to just traditional suits either- if you’re getting married on the beach, how about linen? If you want to inject a bit of fun into an otherwise traditional suit, think about brightly colored argyle socks, or another (somewhat) subtle way of showing off your personality.

Photo credit: strife on Flickr

Good luck with whichever attire you decide on for the guys!

Digital Crinoline

Do you have a question, but don’t have the time to find the answer- or don’t even know where to start looking? Send your wedding research and planning questions to Digital Crinoline and let me do the legwork for you!

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