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November 16, 2010

Word of the Week: Favor

Favor Noun


  • gracious kindness; also : an act of such kindness <did you a favor>

Favor Verb

  •  to show partiality toward : prefer
  •   to give support or confirmation to

Wedding-wise: small gifts given to guests at the wedding reception as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude for attending their nuptials. 

Favors have grown in popularity in the past several years- and now are another way for brides and grooms to express their personalities, and continue or embellish upon a design theme for the space. or table setting. Often food based (cookies, traditional Jordan almonds, truffles) favors It’s also important to know that wedding favors are not necessary- and if you are on a tight budget, it is an additional unnecessary expense.

Some favors are put at each place setting, such as a monogrammed box with a dessert inside…

Image from Martha Stewart Weddings 

Others are incorporated as a “take-away” such as this cookie bar:

Image from Martha Stewart Weddings 

Favors can also have dual roles as decor- check out these centerpieces below.  Theylook great on the table, and are conveniently packaged for guests to take with them at the conclusion of the night.

Image from Martha Stewart Weddings 

In lieu of favors, many couples opt to donate to a charity of their choice which has special meaning to the couple.  Our very own Digital Crinoline and her hubby made a donation to the Livestrong Foundation, and gave each guest a livestrong bracelet.  Taking it further- she put the yellow bracelets into glassine bags stamped with “Thank You” and sewed them closed. She’s a crafty one- just wait until we reveal even more DIY posts for you!

Some of my favorite favors are reflections of the event- like these milk jars (filled with popcorn) from Eric & Jaimee’s wedding on her family farm, which used to be an operating dairy farm.
Image from Drouin Photography

Read more at Marthastewartweddings.com: DIY Wedding Favors & Gifts – Martha Stewart Weddings


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