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November 17, 2010

Wedding Research: The Eyes Have It

Filed under: Research — by digitalcrinoline @ 7:11 am

Dear Digital Crinoline,

I hear you were a be-spectacled bride. I wear glasses, and was hoping for some inspiration of other brides and grooms who decided to wear their glasses on their wedding day. It’s driving me nuts that so many photographers (and friends of mine) keep telling me I can’t wear them, because of glare, or because they’re so not fashionable. Can you share some eyeglass tips and photos? Thanks!
– Four-eyed and Proud


You are by no means the only proud glasses-wearer planning a wedding. I definitely can understand the desire to see nice photos of happy brides and grooms who didn’t resort to contacts for their wedding day. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have your face front and center, but there’s also nothing wrong with wearing glasses in order to see your handsome groom, if that’s how you roll! I can’t wear contacts, so I made sure that the glasses I bought after I got engaged were a bit funky and fun, and would go with the wedding I knew we were hoping for (a bit vintage, a bit DIY). I think it worked out just fine for us (photo by Documentary Associates).


I’m hardly the first glasses-wearing bride, or bridal party member. Check out a few more happily four-eyed wedding folks below.

Photo by Leslie Roark Photography

Photo by Ruby Sky Photography

Pensive Bride
Photo by James Hall

– Digital Crinoline

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