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December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

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We’re taking a nice long break to enjoy the holidays with family and friends- and hope you are doing the same! I’ll leave you with some photos that inspired me from our recent trip to NYC to play “holiday tourists.”  Though it was a trip for pleasure, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the holiday decorations and general buzz that is ever present in New York City.

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We’ll be back just before New Year’s Eve with a recap of our year and “Best of 2010.”  Until then, wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!

-Tiffany and Digital Crinoline

December 23, 2010

Tip From the Ribbon Box: Displaying holiday cards

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As you all know, I love ribbon- and am always looking for creative ways to incorporate it into my work and our home. During this time of year, we receive so many holiday cards from family, friends, and former clients (which always makes me smile to see the happy couples out of their wedding day garb, still looking fabulous and oh so joyous!).  I love them- but hate the clutter; so my husband and I have gotten into the habit of putting up simple white ribbon over our dining area so we can enjoy the cards (and smiling faces from the photo cards!) each and everyday.  We use very small sewing needles instead of nails over the left, right and middle to give the cards some support- and after we are through, they do not show large holes in the wall!

Another secret- we place the needles near were we already hang picture frames during the rest of year, so folks are none the wiser that we have the tiny holes in the wall!  Post holiday season I keep the photos, and sometimes the special cards for a memory box, and use the images from the cards as wrapping paper and decoupage for holiday projects for the coming year (more on that later!).

Here’s quick peek at our informal dining area, and the happy cards we gaze upon!


December 13, 2010

Word of the Week: Vows

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Vow Noun


  • A solemn promise, pledge or personal commitment

Photo by Luke Eshleman Photography


The set of promises made by the bride and groom to each other during a wedding ceremony

Though there are many variations depending upon specific religions and cultures, the most familiar and traditional begin with:

“I, _______, take you, ________, for my lawful wife/husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part”

Many couples opt to recite traditional vows. At each wedding ceremony they attend in the future, it is a reminder of their own vows- and for other guests who have recited those same vows.

Other couples write their own vows and recite them to each other. Some memorize them, while the majority of brides and grooms will write them down (which I highly suggest- as you will be full of emotions,and may have trouble recalling them! Still, others choose to speak from the heart, to one another, without a script. 

Whatever you and your fiancée choose as far as vows go- the key is to know them and own them (these are some of the most important words you will ever say, as you commit yourselves to one another, believe in them!)


December 9, 2010

Love Notes

Many thanks to Val & Mike for a glowing review on Wedding Wire! They were such a wonderful couple to work with, I can’t wait to share photos from Luke Eshelman in an upcoming post!

Here’s her review- you can also check out Wedding Wire for the original review, learn more about our services, and read other client reviews!

I called Tiffany my wedding fairy, and I couldn’t think of anyone who would have done a better job! I hired Tiffany because I had NO IDEA what to do, and she was very patient and very helpful. I started out with the “day of” package but decided on the partial package. She didn’t miss a thing and covered every base possible. Both my reception venue and photographer were entirely decided upon her suggestions, and I LOVED THEM BOTH! I have gotten so many compliments since the wedding, and I have to attribute everything to her. She is AWESOME!


December 8, 2010

Tip from the Ribbon Box: Keeping Cool

Yes, it’s freezing outside- but after oozing over images from several of my summer and fall events this year- I’m thinking warm thoughts! On that note- a tip for all those couples and brides to be who are hosting outdoor wedding ceremonies in the summer. Lynn & Mick’s July 2010 nuptials on the bountiful Bolger Center grounds is a textbook case of how to treat your guests and ensure a enjoyable, smooth sailing,(heatstroke free) ceremony!

Many thanks to Tracy of Timmester Photography for use of these images. Stay tuned for Lynn & Mick’s wedding recap soon!

1. Timing is Everything!

If you have your mind set on a long ceremony with numerous readings, musical selections and homilies, perhaps an outdoor wedding with the hot sun glaring down on you and your guests is not the right choice. No matter how beautiful and lovely the ceremony is,  guests, your bridal party, and possibly even you risk losing your cool, getting hot, uncomfortable and uneasy- which is certainly not what the focus should be on wedding day!

 Yes, it was warm, but by keeping things on schedule, beginning on time, and in combination with a  short, sweet ceremony that the couple envisioned, guests enjoyed the ceremony and were back inside sipping on cocktails and mingling before becoming overwhelmed by heat!

2. Guest seating

Careful attention was paid to the time of day, direction of the sun, and shade cover when we selected this spot for the ceremony. Not only did this tree provide a beautiful backdrop, it and the trees surrounding it provided shade and a respite from the direct heat of the July sun.

Given that the ceremony site was a decent walk from the lobby, an air-conditioned shuttle was made available to transport guests- closer to the site without the long walk- and maximizing each moment in the air conditioning!


3. Provide several aides to keep guests cool.

Immediately upon entering the ceremony area, guests were greeted by a “cooling station” with ice, water, and other beverages to enjoy and take to their seats. We had a friendly staff member from the Bolger Center staff the table and keep it replenished up until the ceremony began.

For these events, hand held fans are a must for each guest. We put one at each guests seat along with a program to ensure everyone had one available to them.

4. Be Prepared!

In addition to the “cooling station” at the entrance to the ceremony, extra water bottles were under the front rows of seating, and hidden behind the officiant and bridal party in case the bride, groom, officiant or bridal party needed a refreshment.


 Photos courtesy of Timmester Photography


December 7, 2010

Oscar de la Renta Trunk Show

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Carine’s Bridal Atelier in Georgetown is hosting an Oscar de la Renta Trunk show for the Spring 2011 collection December 9-11. Appointments are required.

Image from Millionlooks.com

1726 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

2nd Floor

Washington, DC  20007