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January 3, 2011

Word of the Week: Trousseau

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Trousseau Noun, from the French trousse for parcel or bundle


  1. An outfit of clothing, household linen, etc., for a bride

Although this is an old term, it’s still valid for the modern bride. A trousseau is the bride’s wardrobe and belongings, including the wedding gown, lingerie, accessories, honeymoon wardrobe, and even any new household linens. When you think about your trousseau, think about three things- what you’ll wear on your wedding day, what you’ll wear on your honeymoon, and of course what you’ll deck out your beds with when you come home a newlywed!

For your wedding day attire, you probably know what you need. Your gown is the biggie. But you also should think about the underthings- in fact, you should try and procure them before your first fitting, because whatever bra you wear could entirely change the shape and fit of your wedding gown. And although you have every right to wear pretty little undies, you should keep in mind the amount of time you’ll be standing, walking around, and dancing when you select them. For some brides that might mean regular old bikinis that you’d wear on any other day (maybe your favorite pair, for good luck?), but no matter what, make sure you won’t be dealing with underwear that won’t stay invisible (and stay put) throughout your long day.

Once your wedding day trousseau is settled, consider what you’ll take on your honeymoon. Obviously time of year and destination is going to determine most of this- for the beach you’ll want those bikinis (or cute vintage one-pieces, modesty can be sexy, too)! And if you’re going on a ski vacation, you’ll want some snow pants in the luggage along with your delicates. There’s nothing saying you have to bring some new lingerie on the trip, but you might think about investing some time, or maybe some bridal shower gift cards, into a few things to spice up your bedroom wardrobe. If you’re really into this idea, consider letting your bridesmaids know- they might be happy to host a lingerie shower for you instead of a more traditional bridal shower!

Finally, when you are putting together your registry, remember that this is one of the best times of your life to get the really good linens that you could never justify buying yourself. You might consider registering for at least three sets of sheets (one set for the bed, one for the linen closet, and one in the wash), and at least four towels and washcloths. When you get home from your honeymoon, your bed at home should feel just as luxurious as your honeymoon suite!

Linen Bedding with seashells
image: Posh Living, LLC

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