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January 7, 2011

DIY Day: Ribbon Pomanders

Image Courtesy of Drouin Photography

Ribbon pomanders  or “kissing balls” make great pew decorations, or non-floral bouquets for bridesmaids and flower girls.  When the ceremony is over, they are easily transferable to reception spaces. Whether on a window sill, guest book or cake table, or hung from the ceiling above a table (think guest book, dessert table) for some visual interest!

As far as DIY projects go, this one is somewhat tedious and time consuming- but budget friendly and for the time and money you spend on it, it really packs a punch of style and fun! Read on for the how to’s and final product! Apologies that some of the images are a bit blurry- we’re still working out the kinks of a new camera!

1 pen (you can also use a chopstick)
sewing pins ( quantity depends on the size of the styrofoam ball; I suggest having a box of 500 so you have plenty on hand)
a piece of tape (to connect the ribbon to the pen or chopstick)
styrofoam balls (this one had an 8inch diameter- you can adjust as you please)
ribbon, cut into one inch strips
as far as ribbon color goes- stay monochromatic, but play with a variety of textures and patterns and widths


 Take the widest ribbon (I prefer solid color, as it pulls together all the designs from the other ribbons), cut about 24 inches (you can trim down later).

Attach one end to the  pen or chopstick with a piece of tape. Spear the ribbon through the center of of the sytrofoam ball; tie into a bow or knot; remove pen.

Now you’ve got the beginnings of a self supported pew decor piece!

Cut ribbon into approximatively one inch pieces. Leave the ruler in the drawer- no need to be perfectly precise.

Gather the ends of the ribbon and pin to the styrofoam ball.

Repeat until ball is full! Mix the ribbons together so they blend together, without a pattern emerging.

Here’s a look at some finished products that adorned the pews at Jaimee and Eric’s May 2009 wedding!

Photos Courtesy of Drouin Photography

While this project is very easy, you definitely want to allow for plenty of time if you are making several for your ceremony,reception, or other festivities! Store hanging as not to flatten the bottom pieces.

Tiffany and Digital Crinoline


  1. […] Feeling crafty? Check out our earlier post, a DIY tutorial on Ribbon Pomanders. […]

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  2. Hello

    How many rolls of ribbon would you estimate for each ball?

    Many Thanks

    Comment by Kimberley — August 11, 2011 @ 7:36 am |Reply

  3. HI Kimberley! I would estimate about 4 rolls of ribbon per 8 inch ball- but be sure to have some backup- as the width of the ribbon really makes all the difference- obviously thin, 1/2 to 1 inch wide ribbon will not cover as much space as 2-3inch wide ribbon. Would love to see your pics as you make your own- feel free to send them to Tiffany@ribbonboxevents.com and I’ll share with our readers!

    Comment by Ribbon Box Events, LLC — August 11, 2011 @ 9:51 am |Reply

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