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February 4, 2011

DIY Bottle Vases

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For today’s DIY tutorial, you need to meet Mr. Digital Crinoline, my partner in crime. I may have DIYed for our wedding, but don’t let that fool you. Mr. DC did two of the biggest projects- he built our chupah and made ALL of the vases we used for our floating candle centerpieces. Here he is, posing with a chupah pole. All photos by me (using Mr. DC’s far superior camera) except the last photo.

Mr. Digital Crinoline

Now, the tutorial!
Step 1: You need to drink a lot of wine. Or you can take the easier route (as we did) and go to some local bars and restaurants in your area to ask for empty bottles. Most places are perfectly happy to give you their empty bottles if you tell them you want them for a craft project for your wedding- and since many restaurants don’t recycle their glass bottles, you’re even helping the environment!

Step 2: Clean all the bottles and soak them to remove the labels. You may need to scrape them with a (blunt, safe) knife, or use goo-gone to get off the last bits.

Step 3: Score the bottles using a bottle cutter. We used this one, which worked well. Maintain pressure on the bottle, and make sure you line up your grooves so they make a perfect circle.

Scoring the bottle

Step 4: Rotate the bottle over a candle flame (slowly), while maintaining pressure on the bottle.

Rotate the bottle over the flame

Step 5: Immediately after rotating over the flame, rotate it the same way over a piece of ice. Mr. DC created a small block of ice for this purpose by filling a small tray with water and putting it in the freezer the night before bottle making- it worked very well, and easier than an ice cube.

Rotate the bottle over ice

Step 6: Repeat the fire and ice as necessary until the glass separates. You will usually hear a “pop” when it’s done. And be careful- going too fast can result in a broken bottle (and danger to you, doing the DIY)!

Separated bottle parts

When we were done, Mr. DC’s father sanded down the tops for us, to make sure no guest would hurt themselves if they touched the vases.

And how was the finished product? See for yourself!

-Digital Crinoline

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