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February 7, 2011

Love Notes.. and why you need a wedding planner!

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I just wanted to share a note from my inbox that made my day ( I sent a follow up email to the mother of the bride, along with a link to their

fabulous photographer’s photos so she could see while they were away on their honeymoon). I always feel blessed and honored to work with couples and families on such an important aspect and memorable occasion- so I am thrilled to share a love note from the mother of a recent client! Wedding planners provide a range of services- never underestimate the power of peace of mind for you, and your family on your wedding day!


With Lindsay and Ryan gone I probably would not have seen these pictures.  Days later some of our friends started sending me pictures they took with their own cameras and I realized then how fast the night went.  Many of our guests said that this was the prettiest wedding they had been to and the most fun they have had in years.

Please thank your assistant for helping make Lindsay and Ryan’s day so special.

You were terrific and I truly believe I would not have had time to have fun and visit with friends and relatives as much as I did.  It takes a special person to be able to juggle as many things as you did and remain cool as a cucumber.

Thanks again for making Lindsay and Ryan’s wedding day so beautiful.

Best Wishes,


Many thanks to you and your family- I loved working with you along the way and helping you enjoy your daughter’s wedding day!


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