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March 30, 2011

Inspiration: Unique Flower Girl Tosses

Nowadays, brides are looking for more and more ways to personalize their nuptials to make them a true reflection of their personalities and relationship. One small detail can be your flower girl and if toss. Read below for some inspiration (and adorable little girls!)

There’s certainly nothing wrong with the classic tradition of flower petals…

Image from Jam Bands


Having a winter wedding? Embrace the snowflake! These snowflake shaped petals are a subtle way to bring it all together :

Our clients Lindsay and Ryan used these along with white lanterns and a blue runner to line their aisle at Sequoia in January 2011:
I love this ostrich feather accented basket- just pop a few feathers in, and send her down the aisle!

Image from The Bridal Party

Having a fall themed wedding? Consider tossing clean leaves….

Image from Webshots

Evening/whimsical, even a New Year’s wedding? I love this little girl tossing metallic, shimmery stars on her way to the aisle! Against a dark runner or floor, they will really pop!

Image from Charlotte Geary Photography

I love garden weddings- and if you have an older flower girl, consider giving her long stemmed flowers (gerberas are available in a wide variety of colors and have sturdy stems) and she can pass a few out to guests on the aisles as she makes her way down the aisle.

Image from Charlotte Geary Photography

Oceanside? She could toss shells (but be careful they are not sharp- we certainly don’t want her cutting yourself, or dropping harsh shells for you to step on!) Starfish would be great as well…

Image from Wedding Bee


There are so many possibilities the key is really cohesion and bringing all these small details together into the big picture! Not sure how to move forward? Contact Ribbon Box Events for a consultation and learn how we can help you bring your wedding dreams (and more!) to life!


March 29, 2011

Cherry Blossom Inspiration

Nevermind the fact that we had some unexpected  arctic chills and” conversational” minimal amounts of snow this past weekend (in March!), it’s peak bloom time in DC for the beloved Cherry Blossoms and that means the annual Cherry Blossom festival, massive tourists making their way into the city amongst locals grabbing lunch and just enjoying the weather along the tidal basin. It’s also a reassuring sign that Spring weather  is on its way, even though we are already in Spring according to the calendar. 

Image from The Washington Post

Image from The Washington Post


In the spirit of the blooms, here’s some inspiration on how you can incorporate a little cherry blossom love into your decor!

These branch centerpieces create an umbrella over guests- and have clear glass vases so all can see through, allowing conversation to flourish.
How fabulous would these earrings be for the bride, or against a soft grey bridesmaid dress?
Love these hand painted glass gems from Etsy Seller GlassGemsbyChristine- they are a perfect accent on invitations, programs, or favor boxes to subtlely pull your theme together.
Stationery is the first wedding-related look your guests will encounter- Make a beautiful first impression and give guests a sneak peek into your design with
these fabulous printable Save the dates by Etsy Seller inkOBSESSIONdesign and pocketfold inviations by Etsy seller LooseEndsbySarah.
A trio of submerged blossoms, petals and stems would look gorgeous on any alongside candlelight. I love the richness and variety of textures. Double fabulous? Alternate these low arrangements with the high branch centerpieces above to increase the visual interest in the room. Double LOVE!
Check out these lumniaries from Etsy seller PoppySeedStation- love the vellum designs use the larger ones as table numbers, and the smaller ones as either escort cards, or pre-place at the tables around simple centerpieces. Lovely!
No veil for you? Any bride to be would look stunning in this Sakura cherry blossom branch hair clip from etsy seller TheHoneyComb: 
How fantastic would a dessert bar look against the backdrop of this fabulous vinyl decal from Etsy seller WallDesigner006?
Image and Product by Etsy Seller: WallDesigner006
Got some cherry blossom photos or product favorites of your own? Share them on our facebook page, www.facebook.com/ribbonboxevents See you there!

March 28, 2011

Word of the Week: Biedermeier




1. noting or pertaining to a style of furnishings common in German-speaking areas in  the early to middle 19th century,
2. generally existing as a simplification of the French Directoire and Empire styles
3. usually executed in fruitwood with much use of matched veneers, and often displaying architectural motifs.
-named after Gottlieb Biedermeier,  imaginary author of poems published in German magazine Fliegende Blätter  beginning in 1855 

Wedding Wise: 

The biedermeier bouquet is European-influenced. The blooms are tightly structured and carefully arranged in defined rings of different colored flowers.

Image from Music City Events


This style of bouquet originated in Switzerland in the late 1800’s. Often rows of orange and lemon peels were added for fragrance. The symmetry has a beautiful pleasing effect on the eye, and can give off a dramatic contrast of colors!

Image from Revelevents

March 24, 2011

Inspiration: Distinctive Farewells and Exits Part II

We’re back with part 2 of inspiring ideas about distinctive farewells and exits! Did you miss the first  installment?  Get caught up here!

Read below for more fun ideas and things to consider with each option!

Paper Airplanes!
  • fun for all ages
  • adds a little bit of childhood whimsy
  • love it for couples where one or both are teachers!
  • easy to match your wedding colors and makes for some fun pictures!
  • not so environmentally friendly
Image from Merry Making Events
Image from Wedding Bee
Image by Make Moments Photography
  • relatively affordable
  • I love the look in photos at night with these!
Image from Wedding Bee



  • understated, but super cute and fun!
  • clearly budget friendly!

Image from Luster Studios


Pom Poms!

  • perfect for the not so DIY bride- just pick up a few in your wedding colors and varied sizes!
  • a bit offbeat- but hey, it’s nice to be an individual!
  • Less messy than confetti- won’t get stuck all over your gown or in your hair!
Image from Inspiration Wed
Image from Inspiration Wed


Image from We Heart It
Butterfly Release
  • temperature must be at least 70 degrees fro a successful release
  • most companies ship them overnight the day before the wedding
  • not abiding by the directions can result in dead butterflies.. and what a horrible way to commemorate the big day!
  • Personally, I do not advocate the use of live animals, but for the sake of this post as “inspiration” I wanted to include it.


Late Night Snacks!
  •   Whether it’s a dessert bar or mini sliders, there’s something so yummy after a few hours on the dance floor celebrating!
  • Instead of pre-placing favors at each place setting, consider placing favors by the exit so folks pick one up on their way out as a sweet treat

  • Imagine the guests’ suprise when they stepped outside and saw an ice cream truck- fun!
 Yearning for more? Stay tuned next week for our third installment of distinctive farewells and exits!!


March 22, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Drouin Photography

In today’s Vendor Spotlight, meet Brian Drouin of Drouin Photography


Not only is he super friendly, laid back and easy going- this man has an eye for photos! A total pleasure to work with with, and all around professional. I’m pleased to share some additional information with you from our chat a few weeks back, (though I’ve known him for years!)

Ten Questions With Drouin Photography

1. Describe yourself in three words:

 unobtrusive; unconventional; personable


2. Why did you choose to work in weddings/events?

    I enjoy documenting weddings and events, and I try to bring my own creative energy, skills, and approach to meet each client’s needs. I also enjoy seeing people experience some of the happiest moments of their lives and, work to capture their moments.


3. What do you love most about your job?

       Making new wonderful friends when they receive their photography package, and knowing that they’re happy with what they received.

4. What inspires you?

       Ideas, innovation, creative thoughts, and dorkiness..

5. Share one of the most memorable events you took part in and why it was so special.

         It was the first same-sex wedding I documented. I felt a bit like being a part of history, especially with it taking place in the nation’s capital. I remember seeing each of the grooms’ parents being so enthusiastic and caught in the moment. It felt very special. I almost cried even though I had no social connection to the couple getting married.

6. Complete this sentence, “If I did not work in the wedding industry, I would…..”

       not know how to witness and document such an important day in the life of any couple who wishes to spend their life with each other.


7. How would you describe your style/product?

        I document  peoples’ moments. What I do NOT do, is orchestrate them. So far 100% of brides and grooms I’ve worked with seem to like this approach. In addition, every package that I offer includes full reproduction rights to the print resolution files. Therefore, every client has the flexibility to do their own printing, posting, and redistribution at no extra cost.


8. What advice would you give to brides and grooms on choosing a photographer?

         Ask to see an entire wedding sequence of what you might receive after your own wedding. Don’t rely on highlights from their main website. In addition, if there will be a second photographer, ask if it’s one the primary shooter works with on a regular basis, or if they’re going to hire a second shooter off Craigslist at the last minute. Having two shooters might sound like a better deal on paper, however it can work against you. If they don’t have a rhythm down from working together frequently, they often end up in each others’ shots.


9. What advice would you give to brides and grooms on the wedding planning process in general?

       Consider the personalities of all the vendors you interview. They will be the ones sharing the most intimate moments with you on your special day. Image is an important thing, but the content must match it.


10. Lastly for fun, if they made a movie of your life,which actor would you want to play you?

          Greg Kinnear in “As Good as it Gets.”

Want to contact Brian directly? Here’s how!

Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm:    (202) 862-8246
Evenings & Weekends:    (202) 413-4795
Brian, thanks so much for taking the time to chat- looking forward to our next event together, and drooling over more images of your work!

March 21, 2011

Word of the Week: Usher

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1.a person who escorts people to seats in a theater, church,etc.
2.a person acting as an official doorkeeper, as in a courtroom or legislative chamber.
Also, one of my favorite artists….

So much so, that our own first dance was to “Something Special”- but that’s another story for another day!

Wedding Wise:

There’s a wide variety of roles that ushers play at wedding ceremonies- depending on the level of formality, you can adjust as necessary to your own event. Whatever you decide, it’s important to communicate clearly with your friends or family who serve as your ushers! This is also a great place for your wedding planner to discuss your needs with you, and then work with the ushers on wedding day (and the rehearsal) to be clear on duties and roles.

Here’s a brief rundown of typical usher duties!

Image by Miller & Miller Photography

  • Ushers can do formal seating for your guests. They offer their right arm to the woman, the gentleman she is with walks behind them, and the usher escorts them to their seats. If two women arrive together, formally, the usher escorts the eldest woman.
  • Ushers can also show guests to their seats.
  • Typically the first row or pew is reserved for immediate family- and ushers are the perfect way to keep it clear!
  • Ushers pass out programs to guests as they arrive (be sure to advise one per guest, or one per couple, depending on how many you have opted to print
  • If you have a bit more casual vibe, ushers can greet guests, pass out programs, and advise them of where to sit. (traditionally, guests fo the bride sit on the left, and guests of the groom sit on the left. If your guest count is skewed to one side, encourage guests to sit on either side, so the ceremony seating  is evenly filled up!
  • Once all guests have been seated, ushers typically seat the grandparents of the bride and groom, mother of the groom (husband walking behind) and then the mother of the bride.
  • At the conclusion of the wedding, ushers should be available to escort the mother/grandmother/guests in need of assistance!

FYI- wondering how many ushers you need? A good rule of thumb is one usher for every 50 guests. Sometimes groomsmen serve as ushers- in lieu of additional wedding party members. My point being, your wedding is your wedding- there are options and  a variety of “correct” procedures! Be sure to include your ushers in your boutonniere order- so they are easily distinguishable as affiliated with the wedding party. They can either wear tuxedos with the same lapel as the groomsmen, or simple coordinated dress suits- depending on the formality and location of your wedding.


March 15, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: A Touch of Class Limousine

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I’m pleased to bring you an interview today with my favorite limo company! Meet  Jennifer Cuozzo of A Touch of Class Limousines! Excellent customer service, super-reliable, and a large, beautiful fleet perfect for all occassions, large or small!

1. Describe yourself in three words.

Passionate, Perfectionist, Dedicated

2. Why did you choose to work in weddings/special events?

Unlike other limousine companies, I wanted our focus to be on Weddings. If you focus heavily on one part of your business, you can come close to perfection.

3. What do you love most about your job?

Enjoy helping people create lifetime memories

4. What inspires you?


5. Share one of the most memorable projects you took part in and why it was so special.

We transported a family to and from their 10 year old daughter’s cancer treatments. The family was mentally and physically exhausted. They needed to be pampered.

6. Complete this sentence, “If I did not work in the wedding industry, I would…

…miss helping young couples create their dream day.

7. How would you describe your company?

At A Touch of Class Limousines we take pride in offering the BEST limousine accommodations, with “Top Hat Service and Red Carpet Treatment”. We not only provide a limousine ride, we offer a limousine “experience”.

8. What advice would you give to brides and grooms on choosing a transportation company?

Make sure you choose a company that has a large fleet. Limousines are machines that can have unexpected problems no matter how prepared they are. You always want to make sure the company has a back up plan.

9. What advice would you give to brides and grooms on the wedding planning process in general?

Two things:

  • Vendors you trust can give you great advice on reputable vendors they have worked with.
  • Make sure you plan time for just yourselves. My husband and I were the only two in the limousine after the ceremony. It was the only time we spent alone all day, which is very important.

10. Lastly for fun, if they made a movie of your life,which actor would you want to play you?

Julia Roberts.

Jennifer, thanks so much for chatting- it was fun to learn a little bit more about you, and the company I love working with!


Want to contact A Touch of Class directly?

Toll Free:866.214.5466

March 14, 2011

Word of the Week: Groom’s Cake

Groom Noun


  1. husband-to-be at a wedding
  2. short for bridegroom

Cake Noun


  1. a sweet, baked, breadlike food made with or without shortening, and usually containing flour, sugar, baking powder or soda, eggs, and liquid flavoring

Groom’s Cake


cake belonging to the groom


The history behind the grooms cake goes back to Victorian England- where a second cake (the groom’s cake) was served to the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Eventually making it’s way to the states, the groom’s cake was a big hit in the South, and continues to be today- and has now become mainstream in the sense that couples all over the U.S. are considering groom’s cake. A groom’s cake is a fun way to pay homage to the groom on wedding day, when so much attention seems focused on the bride. I love when it’s a surprise!

It’s also a fun, lighter note- where sometimes the most personal is not the cake that ties into the perfect wedding color palette and design schematic, but one that reflects the groom’s hobbies…

Pink Cake Box

Pink Cake Box

…favorite sports team…

The Couture Cakery


The Couture Cakery


or even profession….


Pink Cake Box


Any groom is sure to love these fabulous (and delicious cakes!)

I love the Pink Cake Box and Couture Cakery creations pictured above!




March 11, 2011

Tip from the Ribbon Box

Why do I love ribbon so much? Read below for one of the many reasons!

Exhibit A

Simple? yes

Elegant? yes

Expected? yes

A bit…boring? perhaps

Exhibit B


Simple? yes

Elegant? yes

Expected? nope!

A bit…boring? no way! For less than two dollars, we just took this centerpiece to another level- while maintaining a modern, elegant look!

March 10, 2011

Inspiration: Distinctive Farewells and Exits..Part I

If you’re looking for one last fun photo op before the end of your wedding night, look no further! Welcome to a the first in a series of posts filled with inspiration of wedding departures, sendoffs, and farewells!  Read below for some fun ideas and things to consider with each option.

Freeze Dried Rose Petals

  • Eco friendly
  • Freeze dried; will not stain dress/apparel
  • Over 105 colors
  • Flyboy Naturals http://www.flyboynaturals.com/ – Visit their website and order samples before you decide- see for yourself- they are so fun (I also LOVE these for table and event decor)

Flyboy Naturals


Eco Friendly Confetti!

  • http://www.ecoparti.com/toec.html
  • Ecofetti™ is the new safe and accepted wedding toss with no cleanup worries.
  • Water-soluble and completely biodegradable confetti – either hose it away or let nature help with the cleanup…
  • No slipping or staining, and ecofetti flutters easily to the ground
  • Ecofetti™ is packaged with a scoop: Packages contain enough for each guest to have 1 rounded Tablespoon for the toss.
  • Keep in mind, if using a basket for guests to help themselves, you may want to increase the amount ordered – some enthusiastic guests can take 2 to 3 times that amount…




Finger Streamers

•Less messy than traditional confetti and streamers!
•Nice way to combine your wedding colors for some visual interest
•Fun and safe for all ages
I love these from Etsy seller Extravagant Exits


Etsy Seller: Extravagant Exits

Etsy Seller: Extravagant Exits

Ribbon Wands

•1, 2 or 3 colros of ribbon per streamer 
•I LOVE these from Etsy Seller Romancing Juliet
  • check with your venue to find out if they are permitted
  • Buy the extra long variety, becuase it takes a little time to get everyone lined up, and light them!
  • Stop halfway through the line, and kiss for at least ten seconds- great photo op for the photographers, especially given the low/no light!
  • Don’t forget buckets filled halfway with sand for guests to discard them into  (oh the reasons to hire a planner, just one of  a thousand!)

Pereda Photography


Jeremy for Anne Lord Photography


Silver Streamers

  • This is a fun choice for daytime weddings
  • Fun look, safe for all ages
  • Very budget friendly; Party City sells them for $19.99 for a set of 14
  • Be sure to check to see if your venue allows them- or arrange for cleanup- they leave a mess!

Image from the Knot


Stay tuned for more inspired exits next week!


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