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March 1, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Sage String Quartet


 Today I’m so pleased to share an interview with Kyung LeBlanc of Sage String Quartet. We’ve had the privilege of working together on numerous occasions, and I always look forward to their ceremony and cocktail hour performances. The quartet really sets the tone for the ceremony as guests arrive, and their transitions are smooth and graceful throughout the ceremony and/or cocktail hour- combined with a massive repetoire… I just love them! Kyung is the face of the group and she gracefully navigates a plethora of musical options and always makes her clients feel at ease! Read on, and enjoy!


Photo by Ars Nova http://arsnovaimages.com/

1. Describe yourself in three words:
     Mediocrity terrifies me
2. Why did you choose to work in weddings/events?
I’ve been playing at weddings since I was in high school. It’s a huge privilege to take part in one of the most memorable days of a person’s life.


Image by Brian Donnelly

3. What do you love most about your job?

Playing great music with great musicians.

4. What inspires you?

Passionate, honest, hard working people.

Image by Aaron Haslinger

 5. Share one of the most memorable events you took part in and why it was so special.

We work very closely with many brides and that makes many weddings so special to us. So many come to mind and I dare not to choose only one!

6. Complete this sentence, “If I did not work in the wedding industry, I would…..”

…stop shopping for black dresses!

Image by Deb Lindsey

 7. How would you describe your style/product?

Nothing but the best.



8. What advice would you give to brides and grooms on choosing wedding music?

Don’t sweat over it! Choose the music you love.

Image by Rob Holley

 9. What advice would you give to brides and grooms on the wedding planning process in general?

Hire a professional coordinator- when I work with a great coordinator (like Tiffany), I know I’m in good hands and everything is going to go smooth, which is truly priceless.
10. Lastly for fun, if they made a movie of your life,which actor would you want to play you?

It’d be fun to see Audrey Hepburn playing me!

Kyung, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us!


Want to contact Kyung and Sage String Quartet directly?
Go to their website and fill out the contact form
or call/e-mail them directly:
Phone: 202-642-5612

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