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March 7, 2011

Word of the Week: Garter




1. an article of clothing for holding up a stocking or sock, usually an elastic band around the leg or an elastic strap hanging from a girdle or other undergarment.

Wedding Wise:

While the bridal garter no longer has a purposeful role to keep any undergarments in place, it still holds a unique and traiditional position in today’s wedding. Typically, the bride wears two garters on the right leg above her knee; one as a keepsake garter and the other for her groom to remove, and then toss at the reception.

This tradition dates back to nearly the 14th century. In some parts  of Europe the guests of the bride and groom believed having a piece of the bride’s clothing was thought to bring good luck. This meant they would sometimes take pieces of the brides dress (think about how YOU would feel about that!). This led to the bride throwing various items to the guests – the garter being one of them. It became customary for the bride to toss the garter to the men. Tradition has it that sometimes the men tried to remove the garter ahead of time- so thus the groom began removing it, and then tossing it to the single men in attendance. With the bride no longer throwing the garter, she began tossing the bouquet. With this change, the bride began to toss the bridal bouquet to the single women in attendance.  

 Nowadays, garters are available in every shape, size and material. It’s a great opportunity to have your garter reflect your wedding, beit colors or theme. It’s also a great way to personalize your wedding- adding a hobby, pasttime, or favorite of you or your fiance. Read on for some of our faves!
Whether you want a traditional ivory and lace from JLWeddings
or a bit of whimsy like this rosette version from ItsMyDay
or have some fun to match your wedding colors, like this one from Perfect Garter

Etsy Seller: Perfect Garter

or a little bling from the GarterLady….

Etsy Seller: GarterLady

Garters are also a fun way to make your wedding unique. Include a nod to a hobby you share.. love this sheet music set from SpoccDesign

Etsy Seller: SpoccDesign

It’s also a fun way to surprise your groom with a little homage to his favorite sports team.. Love this Penn State set (fulfills your Something Blue too!) from Garters by Kristi
Your garter can match the season of your wedding, like this one from StarBridal..
If you or your groom is a member of the military, you can give a little homage…like this one from Amanda and Dan’s wedding..
I love this set from The Garter Girl – check out the personalization of the wedding date, and “I Do!” Perfect keepsake!


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