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April 25, 2011

Word of the Week: Huppah

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1. The canopy under which a marriage is performed

2. a variant spelling of chupah

Wedding Wise:

A huppah (also spelled chupah, chuppah) is the canopy under which a Jewish couple stands during their wedding ceremony. In Hebrew, chuppah literally means “canopy” or “covering”. A chuppah symbolizes the home that the couple will build together.

Image from Kristina's World


A chuppah can be very simple or embellished with fabric, florals and lighting- though the basics include a cloth or sheet, stretched over and supported by four poles, which are either self supported, or held by attendants during there ceremony. 


Sometims a tallit (prayer shawl)  is streched over the huppah.

Image from gotrabbi.com


Due to it’s beauty and how it serves as a focal point for the ceremony, many couples, regardless of religious beliefs have chosen to marry underneath a huppah.

Image from maraandmeredith.com


Even Hollywood loves a huppah! I had to share the beautiful one from Charlotte and Harry’s wedding from Sex and the City!

Orthodox Judaism recommends that there be open sky directly above the chuppah. This works fine for outdoor ceremonies , though sometimes can be tricky if a ceremony is held indoors. If this is very important to you- it’s important to express this to your wedding planner (they should also be savvy and ask you!) so it can be considered when visiting potential venues.


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