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April 29, 2011

Happy “I DO BRUNCH” Eve!

Happy Friday! Or, to all the royal wedding watchers, happy royal wedding day! Or, to all my wedding planner colleagues- Happy “I DO BRUNCH” eve!

Saturday marks the third annual “I DO BRUNCH”  for wedding planners and coordinators. To put it simply, it’s absolutely amazing! It is the premiere networking event for our colleagues in the industry. As wedding planners- we are always working behind the scenes to craft beautiful and meaningful events for our clients- and are running around in flats making sure the events run smoothly- we do not get to fully enjoy the amazing event we have created! By nature of the profession, we work with many different vendors- though we are isolated from one another. That’s where Linnyette Richardson-Hall of Premiere Event Management came in and created the “I DO BRUNCH” for wedding planners!  This event offers us an opportunity to connect, share, and party! The energy of 100+ planners all together in one room- with varied ranges of experience and knowledge to share with one another. It’s not a competition- we recognize that even with the most successful planners and full schedules- not every client is a perfect for us, and we cannot possibly plan EVERY SINGLE WEDDING happening in our area! That’s what I love- I can chat with planners about shared experiences, and learn from them, and enjoy a day of comraderie!

It’s also a sentimental time for me to reflect. Just three years ago, I attended the first annual “I DO BRUNCH” as a guest and met Linnyette for the first time- and just a few days later, had my interview with her and was offered an opportunity to join her TeamDIVA as an intern.

Now, I’m the Technista, and part of the amazing group of women that come together under Linnyette’s vision and guidance to bring this magnificent event to life!

Team Diva setting up for an event

Staffing a wedding with TeamDiva

A lot of hard work has gone into this event, and this year we have some amazing surprises in store for our VIP (very important planners) guests!  I’ll be tweeting and sharing live experiences on facebook this weekend, and over the next few weeks I’ll share some snippets and recaps from the event. Stay tuned!


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