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May 20, 2011

Spirit of the Marathon


Oiselle running wedding dress

Since this weekend I am running my very first half marathon, I thought maybe some running-related inspiration was in order! Maybe you and your future spouse are runners, and you’re looking for some ways to integrate your love for pounding the pavement in your nuptials. After all, marriage is certainly a marathon, and your wedding is only the starting line! You could take it all the way, like this couple, and get married midway through a marathon together- starting the race as singletons, and ending as husband and wife. The Las Vegas Marathon makes during-race nuptials simple, with a chapel located by the course. In 2006, 23 couples tied the knot before the finish line! There are even wedding gowns available for women wishing to wed while running, with a ring pocket, hidden fuel belt, and a bouquet holder, like this one from Oiselle!  

If you can’t commit to saying your vows mid-race, what about organizing a 5k before the rehearsal dinner, or taking a morning run of the wedding- what a way to get rid of pre-wedding jitters!

But for most of us, running may be a passion… but we would rather spend our wedding day a bit fresher smelling. Why not integrate the spirit of the marathon (or 10k) into your wedding? One simple way to incorporate running would be to name your guest tables after races you have run together (or apart). The groom’s parents would be delighted to be seated at Dash for Dad DC, and law school friends of the bride would smile to be seated at the Lawyers Have Heart 10k table. Or if you have traveled a bit further abroad for your races, perhaps New York or Chicago tables would be in order. If you still have your old bib numbers, you could use them as table numbers. Remember to include a little note to your guests about why those races were significant- did he propose after the finish of your first half marathon? Did she ask you out during a 5k?

I love this track from Designer Event Showcase – subtle, but adds a “dash” of personality!


Image from One Love Photography


A few other running related ideas for your nuptials :

-Use water bottles or your old (cleaned) running shoes as centerpiece holders- tie the laces of one of each of your shoes together to form your tablescape at the rehearsal dinner.

-Incorporate running into your wedding stationery- save the dates are easy to imagine, but what about making the place cards for your guests resemble race bibs?
-For favors, many companies will add an image of a couple running onto their standard favors. Or consider giving to Livestrong or another charitable organization that you would ordinarily support with your running, and give your guests cards explaining your choice.
-Personalized water bottles are a great choice for any wedding, but could be customized to reflect your particular hydration needs.

-Digital Crinoline

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  1. I love the running bride picture so much I used it in one of my posts. I’m never sure what the protocol is in a situation like that so I made sure that I linked the photo back to your awesome blog. Hopefully that’s cool.


    Comment by commonrunner — August 7, 2012 @ 9:11 pm |Reply

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