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May 23, 2011

Word of the Week: Champagne

1. the sparkling, dry, white table wine from the region of Champagne in France.
2.a similar sparkling wine produced elsewhere.
3.a very pale yellow or greenish-yellow color.
5.anything considered the best or luxurious.
1.having the color of champagne.
2.luxurious or expensive: champagne tastes.

Image by Photography by Suddenflower

Wedding Wise:
Bubbly, champagne, sparkling wine- call it what you want, it’s a symbol of celebration and traditioanlly the beverage of choice for toasts at weddings and celebrations of all kinds. What’s the catch? Unless it’s from the Champagne region of France, you may not refer to it as champagne- instead, it is sparkling wine (known as cava in Spain)
Champagne dreams on a beer budget? Consider asking each guests to raise their glass (whatever they are drinking at the time) instead of pouring the sparkling goodness. You can also offer apple cider to all guests for the same effect, sans alcohol.
My Guilty pleasure? Barefoot Bubbly makes a super fun pink bubbly that my girlfriends and I love. It was the perfect beverage for our spa day the day before my own wedding- and has been a staple at girls nights ever since!
Oh, did I mention it’s kind to your purse strings as well?

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  1. […] Who says champagne must be saved for the toasts? How about celebratory champange right after the ceremony concludes- and how perfect to match your pink color scheme than pink champagne!  Loyal readers of our blog know my guilty pleasure and go-to girls night drink is Barefoot Bubbly’s Pink champagne.  […]

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