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July 22, 2011

Tip from the Ribbon Box: Hire a Wedding Planner

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A former client’s parent wrote this as she was reviewing my services, and I thought it was a great perspective to share!


Some of the BENEFITS of a wedding planner.

Getting married? Sure it’s an exciting time, the marriage ceremony, the parties and all the fun that go with it. Assure yourself that it stays fun and let Ribbon Box Events take care of the “not so fun” to do’s on the list.

You think you can do it yourself? Sure you can! Send the invites, book the venues, select the flowers, chose a caterer. Easy! Or is it?

A few things to keep in mind:

Who will handle the uncomfortable situations with the “in-laws and other family members”? (Believe me; they can appear in the most inconvenient ways)

Who will think of creative ways to stage the reception?

Who else will be there to fix your wardrobe malfunction before anyone else sees it?

Who will carry the bridal bag of essentials (ah the bridal bag!)

Who will be the assertive one in a moment of stress in dealing with the caterer, the reception hall, the guests, the bartenders, should we go on?

Who will keep things coordinated and flowing with the MC?

Who will make sure the gifts and cards are secure?

Who will think of everything you forgot?

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