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August 5, 2011

From the Ribbon Box: Bulgarian Ribbon Ceremony

It’s such an honor to share a beautiful ceremony that I don’t think may of our readers have seen. Irena and Mark’s wedding was a beautiful blending of Bulgarian and American traditions (and two wonderful families!). One of the Bulgarian ceremonies incorporated was the ribbon ceremony. For a bit more visual impact, we used chair sashes in red, white, and light blue. The bridal party participates in this ceremony by lining up and holding the ribbons. The bride and groom pass through each ribbon together, which symbolize love, hope, and peace. Here’s a look at the ceremony!

The groom’s sister read the following text as they passed through the ribbons. We also described the ceremony (and several other traditions) on menu cards in both Bulgarian and English so all guests would understand what was happening!

Image by MEJ photography

“From today your family pours out in two different bloodlines.”

Image by MEJ Photography

“Red is the color of love: the real, the dedicated, the everlasting. Let your whole life be marked with this wonderful warm color.”

Image by MEJ Photography

“White is the color of hope: of joy and affection. Trust each other and share with joy your bread and your bed.”

Image by MEJ Photography

“Blue is the color of peace: of hope and harmony. Let your lives together be like the sky above you, always clear and free.”



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