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August 8, 2011

Word of the Week: Jordan Almond

Jordan Almond


1.a large, hard-shelled, spanish almond used especially in confectionery.
2.an almond with a hard, colored coating of sugar.

image from alloccasionsgiftware.com

Wedding Wise:

Jordan almonds are a classic wedding favor. These candy coated almonds originate from Italy. The symbolism of these bitter almonds and sweet candy coated shell is said to represent the bittersweet married life. They are available in a multitude of colors- from pastels, to silver, gold, and white. When given as favors, they are commonly packaged in sets of five.  The poem below typically accompanies the packaged favor and explains the five almonds as symbols of five wishes for the new couple:

Five sugared almonds for each guest to eat
To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.
Five wishes for the new husband and wife —
Health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life!

image from favorstudio.com


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