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October 31, 2011

Halloween Inspiration

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As I was baking some ghostly cupcakes…

I began thinking about Halloween, and the subtle ways to bring some of the fun from the holiday into a wedding or fall-themed event. Not a full blown theme, but just a few little touches for those Halloween weekend events.  In honor of Halloween, here’s a little inspiration that’s less than literal! Small fun ways to incorporate the Halloween spirit into your wedding weekend.


From Etsy seller KCPaperWorks

These gable boxes are great to use as out of town welcome bags for your guests. Just a little nod to Halloween, all treat, no trick!


These martinis with a hint of dried ice would be fabulous passed at cocktail hour!

Image from ready2spark.com


I love fun and unique save the dates- and this magnetic paper doll set from  MellyMo would certainly fit the bill!



I love these tags from Amaretto. Customize them with your wedding date and add them

From Etsy shop Amaretto

These pumpkin cake pops would be a fabulous and festive late night snack passed out on the dance floor. Combine with some mini apple cider for a delicious and festive late night treat!


Happy Halloween!






October 26, 2011

Love Notes: Latest Review from Wedding Wire

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Another day and another perfect review from a pair of lovebirds who were fabulous clients to work with! Read on for the review below, or head straight to WeddingWire to see the complete review and our others! Many thanks to the fabulous Leah of Studio Juno for the beautiful image below. You can see her full sneak peek on her blog!


Ribbon Box Events is an invaluable resource for any bride planning a wedding!

Tiffany at Ribbon Box Events was hired for day of coordination for our wedding. Leading up to the wedding, she was extremely organized and we had regular in person and phone meetings so that she was kept up to speed on planning. She also contacted all of our vendors and did a site visit to make sure everyone was on the same page. I really feel that she went above and beyond in so many ways.

The day of our wedding Tiffany and her assistant did all of the set up and coordinated with the caterer and other vendors to make sure everything went without a hitch. We had a very rainy day and she even moved our outdoor ceremony inside last minute and made sure that it was beautiful.

Personally, Tiffany is very easy to work with. She is passionate about what she does, has tons of ideas, is a huge resource for vendors, and super organized. Our wedding was a success because of her, and we have only the best memories of a fantastic day!

October 24, 2011

-Guest Blogger- Monday Musings

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Welcome to the first installment of Monday Musings!  Fabienne Laveau of The Wedding Muse will be joining us as a guest blogger two to three times monthly with inspiration, advice, and of course her fabulous designs. Have a specific question, or topic you’d like her to discuss? Contact her directly via email at museyourwedding@gmail.com. Enjoy!

When Tiffany, from RBE put a shout out for guest bloggers, I responded pretty quickly. Blogging interests me, and my mind is willing, but I don’t post with any regularity – a problem when you are trying to find a following. Her request seemed like the perfect answer: A weekly blog that I have committed to is the perfect solution!


The six year old in me, responds to the gold star, the brownie point, the ‘attagirl’. It’s what floats my boat!


So, I will bring this to the blog; responses, positive reinforcement, ‘likes’ and further inquiries will keep me happily blogging away and a six- year-old-and-pigtails-kind-of-smile on my face.

The same things motivate me to be a good steward of the wedding profession and of wedding days and the memories they make. Most of us work to buy the beans and want to be rewarded for the experience, work ethic and knowledge that we have, but the majority of us that have persisted in this business put that second, and value the reward, satisfaction and happy client above all.

The way I see it, there are plenty of days when I could earn my beans without all the fuss, but no days when I could hear that certain girly sound when a bride sees her bouquet for the first time and reacts with joy.


Before we begin on this journey together, I want to share a little bit about myself- and the best representative of that is my work! It’s the best way to understand my passion for all things vintage and floral design- and how they can be seamlessly combined to create an amazing backdrop in your home, your wedding, and your entertaining table.

During our Monday Musings blog posts here on Ribbon Box Events, I’ll share my inspiration, work, and how it all comes together. There will also be plenty of snippets of how tos and holiday décor.

There’s also plenty of room on this blog for YOU! I welcome your comments, questions, and feedback. Simply comment on this post, or email Tiffany Tiffany@ribbonboxevents.com with your Wedding Muse question, and she and I will incorporate it into future blog posts!


Get to know Fabienne more- check our her profile in our vendor profile spotlight.


October 18, 2011

Vow to Get Organized!

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Saying “I Do” means the merging of two lives, families, and STUFF! Whether the couple is already living together, or will move in after the wedding festivities, it can be difficult to combine, cull, and most of all organize all the things each of you brings to your new life together!  Never fear, The Container Store to the rescue! The Container Store is now offering a gift registry for weddings and other milestone events!  I am already in love with this store- so it’s just icing on the cake that I can now suggest it as a registry option!


The registry offers several perks that make it easy for couples to register, receive, and return gifts. After registering, you have 24-hour online access to add/remove items to your registry. You can select two different addresses before and after the wedding for gifts to be shipped directly to you from your guests.  If you receive duplicate items, or change your mind about an item on your registry, you can return it for merchandise credit with your gift receipt- there is no expiration date  on returns with a receipt!

After your wedding, you receive a 10% discount when you purchase any remaining items on your registry.

The Container Store is known for fabulous Elfa custom closets- and couples have the opportunity to register for complete sets, which guests can contribute a monetary amount to be applied to the total cost.

Learn more and check out their inventory here!



*****Disclaimer: the title of this blog entry , “Vow to Get Organized”  should be credited to The Container Store, it’s  the name of the ad campaign for The Container Store for their new bridal registry!*****

October 17, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Muse

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 Today I’m so pleased to share an interview with Fabienne Laveau of Wedding Muse.

Fabienne is also going to be a new guest blogger here on the Ribbon Box Events Blog! We are really excited to share her Monday Musings with you! But first, we want you to get to know her a little better, so check out our vendor spotlight interview with this fabulous florist!

1. Describe yourself in three words:
     Quirky, tenacious and reliable.
2. Why did you choose to work in weddings/events?
I was one of lucky people who was led to her passion. With a strong background in horticulture and design, wedding and event florals were a pretty natural transition, with many of the principals and elements being the same.

3. What do you love most about your job?

Each and every wedding fills me with all sorts of wonderment…even still. The hope, the love, the wishes and dreams, and then the mechanics and the wonderful textures, colors and visuals to offer creative challenge.

4. What inspires you?

 Oh, my…my artistic inspiration comes straight from nature, always. Nature has the best mix of symmetry and assymetry and always knows which way to go with each. In other matters, I am inspired by guts, grit and determination. Those are probably the things I admire most, and am always interested when someone shows these qualities; especially when it is unexpected.

 5. Share one of the most memorable events you took part in and why it was so special.

An old and dear friend of mine grew the most wonderful daughter. When it came time for her to marry, she asked me to style and design her wedding even though I was not the most practical or affordable choice. She had me ship myself to her and treated me like a goddess for the week leading to the wedding and MY wish was HER command! Wedding professionals seldom really, really get carte blanche, with spa treatments and lavish accommodations to boot. It was such an experience. It was fairly early on in my wedding career, and I am sure it helped to convince me to keep going in that direction.

6. Complete this sentence, “If I did not work in the wedding industry, I would…..”

…love to own a loving animal rescue shelter, where animals could live out their days if they needed a home.

 7. How would you describe your style/product?

Well, I love the current vintage and rustic style that are all the thing right now. I have a good fit with that, but mixed in with glamour and high style is how I really love to serve it up. Intuitive is a word I would use to describe how I conceptualize and materialize a particular bride/groom’s design concepts.  

8. What advice would you give to brides and grooms on choosing a florist?

After narrowing a few people down, through the usual means – referral, internet, etc – try to arrange meetings at your venue. You MUST leave with the feeling that your florist ‘got’ you. You have a good match if there are equal parts of YOU expressing your ideas and having it fed back to you, and your professional adding footnotes to your concepts. You should have that feeling that she ( or he ) is specifically who you want – if you have that confidence from one meeting, you have probably found your match. Don’t choose anyone that you feel even the slightest bit of unease with. There are many out there to choose from, and you can find your person

 9. What advice would you give to brides and grooms on the wedding planning process in general?

Well…I am a strong believer in quality wedding and event planners. By choosing the right one, you will end up with so much more time to savor the moments. It is all about finding your match, someone you can trust. If that is not in your equation, the most important piece of advice is to start as early as possible. A year is the minumum in my book, and a year and a half is even better. Without a planner, if your venue, caterer and florist/stylist are on point, you have a good thing going. They lay the platform and are used to assisting in multiple areas – if your photographer, cake and music providers can walk right in and do their job, you are all set. Other than that, make lists…lots and lots of lots of lists and try not to overwhelm yourself with too much imagery at a sitting.

10. Lastly for fun, if they made a movie of your life,which actor would you want to play you?

Anjelica Huston. Big, bold and beautiful and been down a few roads.

Fabienne, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us!


Want to contact Fabienne directly?
Go to her website
or call/e-mail:
Phone: 703-203-3525

Stay tuned for Monday Musings with Fabienne, right here on our Ribbon Box Events blog!

October 12, 2011

Love Notes: Laura & Ryan

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It’s always such an honor when notes like this come across my desk. I just got this the other day and had to share it!


I am so thrilled that our hard work paid off resulting in a fabulous wedding of Laura and Ryan.  I can’t wait to share some photos and recap the day (stay tuned for a future post!). In the meantime though, here’ s a sneak peek!





October 5, 2011

Love Notes from L&E

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Humbled and full of glee as I excitedly announce we have another perfect 5 star review from WeddingWire! I absolutely love every single event I am fortunate enough to be a part of and work with clients whether from the very beginning, throughout the planning process, or in the final months leading up to wedding day management.  No matter the package they have chosen, I have been honored to meet these fabulous couples and call them clients and later, friends. Read on for the review below, or head straight to WeddingWire to see the complete review and our others! 


“A wedding coordinator was not in our budget when we started planning our wedding. However, as we got closer to our date, we wanted someone who could be in charge that day and calmly handle any crises, big or small. It turned out that Tiffany did so much more. She gave us advice and reassurance on the countless questions we came to her with – from small details like what votive candles are best to big picture questions like how we should deal with a vendor who wasn’t responding to our phone calls and when we should have our first dance. Tiffany is smart, organized, detail-oriented, and has a good sense of humor. She was confident and in control our entire wedding weekend, and we later found out that she’s the reason our dinner came out on schedule and our cake got cut in time – she kept on top of our otherwise slow caterer. I would highly recommend Tiffany and her team at Ribbon Box Events!”

You can always read reviews from past clients on WeddingWire. Visit our website for additional information and to schedule an initial meeting to discuss your wedding and how we may be of service to you.


October 3, 2011

October Trunk Show Alert

Happy October! Here’s our monthly rundown of sample and trunk sales happening at area bridal salons. Enjoy!


1523 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20007-2739
(202) 333-6162

Sample Sale Thursday October 13

Thursday October 20th 5-8pm

Amsale Bridesmaids Buying Party

October 28 and 29th

Amsale Bridal Trunk Show

Chevy Chase Bridal
September 31-October 2nd
Badgley Mischka

Chevy Chase Bridal
Justin Alexander
October 7-9th

Chevy Chase Bridal
Rosa Clara and TWO by Rosa Clara
October 21-23

Laia by Rosa Clara from the Two collection

Chevy Chase Bridal
Romona Keveza
October 28-30



Mazza Gallerie, Floor Two
5300 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20015
tel: 202.363.9301
fax: 202.363.9304


Hannelore’s of Olde Town

106 North Lee Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 549-0387

Anne Barge Trunk Show

September 22-October 2

Anne Barge Bridal

For appointments and additional information, contact the salons directly.