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November 14, 2011

To DIY or not to DIY?

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DIY is an option that many brides consider and one that wedding service providers deal with on a regular basis. If you are fortunate enough to have a planner, they can help you through the interesting terrain of which projects might be DIY appropriate for you. Ask any professional and they can tell you stories about the would-be great ideas that never happen.

As a florist who likes to hang around the reception to offer help, I have been sent out last minute to buy votives that I was asked not to bring, favors I was asked not to provide, petals that were not going to be needed…you get the idea. If you happen to be an organized, timely, reliable, self motivated and creative person, DIY might indeed be for you. If you have friends you trust not to be ‘busy’ when it comes time to put the favors together, or hand address the envelopes, then maybe it is for you.

If on the other hand you typically slide out the door in the morning with a half eaten bagel in your hand, not sure if you have your carkeys, think ‘on time’ means within an hour, and your friends are well-meaning, fun, but not so reliable…you might want to let the pros handle your details. Most weddings turn out to be fabulous, but why stress the details and your professional wedding team, who will in the end become responsible for making it all work out? I am all for DIY touches for any meaningful event – it can add wonderful and memorable aspects. However, you must have the confidence, the time and the skill to make it all come together so choose wisely and always give your vendors ample time to jump in and save the day. That is what we do AND we have the experience and tricks of the trade to make it all look easy. To put it all into perspective, seldom will you see a seasoned planner with all of her/his connections and knowhow, try to pull off her/his own entire wedding.

Think about what goes into putting on a small dinner party – a wedding is a small dinner party with a thousand added details and a hundred more people. My latest favorite easy peasy DIY time saving trick….your favorite well known coffee chain has the yummiest birthday cake pops. Repackage in cello bags with ribbon…$1.50 each and you have a great and affordable favor.



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