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December 22, 2011

Tip from the Ribbon Box: Ribbon Wreath!

One last post before we close up shop and enjoy the holidays with our loved ones!

A quick and easy project with my favorite material, RIBBON! This is also a great way to display all those holiday cards you get in the mail each year! use a neutral ribbon, and it could stay up all year long!

What You’ll Need:

1 foam wreath  (you pick the size- depending upon the space you have to hang, or how many cards you expect!)


ribbon (at least 2 inches wide)

straight pins


Start out by attaching your ribbon to the inside of the wreath with a straight pin. You could also glue, but I like to reuse the same wreath with different ribbon, so the ribbon comes off much easier this way!

Roll your ribbon in and out of the wreath, overlapping each time, so you are sure to cover all areas.

Sometimes it helps to have an extra set of hands (thanks husband!)

Continue wrapping until the entire real is covered. Cut ribbon and secure to inside with another straight pins.


Using the same ribbon, cut a piece long enough to wrap around and use as a holder (you decide how much hanging length you need)


Hang on a small nail and attach cards you receive with straight pins!

This project is great year round to get some clutter off your counters, and showcase the letters, notes, and memories you love, and aren’t quite ready to toss yet. Imagine how lovely it would be to put your wedding cards up- or a birthday, or how about a mixture of “just because?”



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