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January 23, 2012

Monday Musings…Color, color, color!

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Color is one of the most important wedding choices, and one that can easily overwhelm. Color news travels fast, and just when you think you have come up with a fabulously original color plan, you start seeing it everywhere! Pantone throws Tangerine out into the universe as the ‘it’ color of 2012, and suddenly fall weddings are all the thing, using this bold orange as the basis.

Purple becomes eggplant or aubergine, and all shades of green become the rage – something has to go with eggplant! By the time you have your colors in place, they are on every page you turn in your favorite mag. Use of color, and use of color with texture becomes the way to keep your style and design unique.

Never fear, that is what your wedding professionals do. We take your ideas and choices, and add our years of knowledge about how to best use them for you. There are some great tools available for those who are less intuitive or have trouble conceptualizing. Design Seeds at design-seeds.com has done some of the work for you. They keep coming up with these fabulous groups of five colors, with fun and inspirational names, and their presentation is as simple as can be.I can’t say enough about Pinterest at Pinterest.com for collecting imagery and sifting through the amazing amount of creative wedding ideas. Since I am a florist, color, texture and detail are super important to my creative process.

Please come on over to Wedding Muse at MuseYourWedding.com for some ways to use color in your perfect day. As a designer, I use nature, especially gardens, photographs, fabric stores and things I see in everyday life, for my inspiration. Wonderful visuals are all around – keep those eyes open and choices will come to you. Think about what you are drawn to again and again, in your clothing, in your home and in your imagination.









  1. Excellent posting! I love, love, love Design Seeds!!

    Comment by Tywana — January 23, 2012 @ 9:44 pm |Reply

    • Thank-you, Tywana! I appreciate you taking the time to read – please feel free to let me know what topics might interest you or your brides.

      Comment by fabiennelaveau — January 24, 2012 @ 7:41 am |Reply

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