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January 30, 2012

Monday Musings… Did you know?

I often get asked which flowers will be seasonal for a certain wedding date. The perception is that crazy big savings can be had by choosing local, seasonal flowers. Magazines, DIY publications and numerous websites have  brides convinced that they can put together their own wedding for a steal, if they become savvy enough. There is some truth in all of this, but you have to know what is useful information and what isn’t.

The idea of  ‘in season’ and what that really means, is conditional. Flowers come in and out of season at different times and rates, in different locations and climates. A particular flower may be in season in your region for only a short while, and that same flower can stay in season for a long, long while somewhere else, making it more affordable to purchase from a wholesaler located where they are plentiful and for longer. Local growers tend to go organic, which can sometimes mean the flowers might not hold up to the rigors of wedding design and delivery.

Weather can also drive local prices up artificially, for instance an early freeze might ruin a crop enough to put the smaller grower in trouble. This means higher prices for you.

Although I am generally a fan of supporting local business, most weddings, with the range of flowers that most couples want, simply cannot be had locally year round. In addition, it is a bit of a romantic notion that we all want to believe; that somewhere nearby is a lovely field full of any flower you might like, if only you choose the right moment to get married. It doesn’t exactly work that way, unless you are happy with a big bunch of sunflowers and are willing to marry at just the right time to have them. This a great option, if you adore sunflowers,love the heat of the summer or the jewel tones of autumn and are happy with a more rustic wedding style.

My advice is to choose the flowers you want, let your heart do the choosing, and count on your florist, stylist or planner to help you work through your design and budget. We will help you to figure out how to weigh your heart’s desire with your sensibilities. That is what we get paid for, that is what we know how to do, and that is what we love. Marry when you want to and buy the dress…the rest will come.


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