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March 6, 2012

Word of the Week: Petal

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1. One of the often colored segments of the corolla of a flower.

Wedding Wise

Petals are a classic wedding accessory commonly found lining ceremony aisles and falling from the hands of flower girls during the processional. Brides have three choices: fresh petals, silk petals, and dried petals. Each have their pros and cons.

Freeze Dried Rose Petals retain color and texture longer than fresh ones. Because they are dried, they also do not stain or bleed- which makes them much safer around a bridal gown, and makes them very venue friendly!  While most folks see petals dropped down the aisle by a flower girl, or used to softly line the ceremony aisle, the uses and possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

Whether it’s a pattern or design incorporated from your invitations/overall theme…

Image from WeddingBee.com

or the perfect accompaniment to your tabletop centerpieces to soften and create a romantic place setting for your guests…

Image from The Wedding Vendor

Image from Crystal Velvet Weddings

My favorite supplier of these oh so fab florals are Flyboy Naturals eco-friendly rose petals. With a nearly never-ending array of color options, you are certain to find the right color, or blend to match your soiree! They also sell samples by the cup so you can see, feel, and gauge how many you will need for your project.


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