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March 14, 2012

Popping Up Pi(e)!

It’s 3.14.2012, March 14, or as you may know, it’s Pi (as in 3.14….) Day!  I never was much for math class, so I admit that Pi Day really only makes me think of one kind of pie.. and that’s the crusty, flaky, oh so yummy pie we all know and love!

Pie Sisters in Washington, DC

The other day I popped into my neighborhood Starbucks for coffee, and noticed these pint size portions staring back up at me…

Image from Starbucks.com

I couldn’t help but take note that these delicious desserts are making their way into the wedding world- and I’m delighted!

Back in 2009, Mike & Lisa served a pie bar of some baked goodness from her hometown bakery. They were not really into cake, and thought it would be a nice treat for their guests.. and it was a big hit! To top it off, we assembled the pies on all kinds of different pie stands, and it gave such a nice effect to the entire table!

Image from Luke Esh Photography

More recently, Laura & Ryan added a pie bar to their own cupcake display last fall at their wedding.

I’m loving the Pie Sister’s “cuppies”- an individual serving of pie. I’m looking forward to visiting their bakery in DC and checking them out for myself later this month!

Image from Melissa Maharaj photography

Can’t you just imagine your guests heading home with one of these little treats?


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