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April 6, 2012

Main Event Caterers “Evening with Our Chef”

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Earlier this month, my associate Lauren and I had the honor of attending Main Event Caterers Evening with our Chef. We had such a fabulous time and want to thank Michelle Fishman  for inviting us to be her guests. Upon our arrival we were greeted with champagne and had the opportunity to mingle with other guests, enjoy tasty hors d’ouerves,  and check out a variety of tablescapes their event designers had created.

Love this look- such a sophisticated color palette and the touches of the stripe really pull the table together.

Also love the combination of textures- the satin tablecloth, the canvas pillows, striped fabric on the pillows, and the paper pattern on the centerpieces. It creates so much visual interest, really allow the flowers to pop. Love!

Clearly, no one should be surprised that we decided to sit at this vignette. Hello pink and black! Love the hints of yellow, and what a fun and simple centerpiece with just a few blooms and some glasses already on hand.

We enjoyed seven tasting courses courtesy of Chef and CEO Joël Thévoz and President Nancy Goodman. Here’s a peek at our menu and what we thought of each tantalizing course!

Course One: Lobster Bisque
Airy lemon sherry froth
Lobster salad
Droplets of chive oil

Our thoughts: This was not your traditional bisque- it had delicious chunks of lobster, and a slight kick of spice gave it a memorable flavor. The chive oil was a great balancing touch.

Course Two: Ahi Timbale
Diced cucumber and avocado
Nest of delicate micro greens
Crisp papadam sail
Spicy sesame dressing

Our thoughts: I loved the textures of the avocado and cucumber. It’s light, airy. This would be a fabulous starter at any affair- especially a summer/outdoor one. Lauren and I were both blown away by the beautiful presentation. Fun fact: I learned what a Papadam is! Papadams are thin, crisp Indian “crackers” made out of lentil, chickpeas, black gram, and rice flour. They are  typically served as an accompaniment to ameal, and sometimes as a final part of a meal. In certain parts it is served raw and unroasted and added to curries and other preparations. 

Course Three: Raw Zucchini Lasagna
Pine nut “ricotta” and pistachio “pesto”
Sundried tomato “sauce”
Virgin olive oil droplets and balsamic laces
Halved red grape tomatoes
Basil Crown

Our thoughts: What a fabulous raw food AND vegan option! Frankly, this dish would be a delicious first course for anyone! My first thought was, even my “meat and pasta” husband would LOVE this, and probably not even realize he was eating something vegan!  The pine nut “ricotta” is very creative and tasty. The flavors and vibrant and the presentation is bright

Course Four: Foraged Mushroom Crepe
Oregano scented paper thin French pancackes
Thyme scented mushroom ragout
Gruyere mornay sauce
Salad of lamb’s lettuce
French vinaigrette

Our thoughts: What a savory treat! The crepe was very creamy and delicious- as two mushroom loving gals, we were eagerly anticipating this course when we first saw the tasting menu… and it did not disappoint!

Course Five: Miso Bushed Chesapeake Rock Fish
Pan sautéed petite bok choy
Cauliflower puree
Soy reduction

Our thoughts: The rockfish was cooked to perfection, and the puree just melted in our mouths. I thought the soy reduction was an interesting take, and the bok choy complemented it well.

Course Six: Bacon Wrapped Breast of Duck
Plump with roasted pears and toasted almonds
Peruvian blue potato mash
Bourbon pan sauce

Our thoughts: The pear in the middle was refreshing and an unexpected surprise.

Course Seven: Raspberry and Pistachio Jaconde
Citrus Syrup soaked almond sponge
Layers of chocolate ganache and pistachio cream
Fresh raspberry puree
Crystalized sugar garnish

Our thoughts: Once again, beautiful presentation. Although we were quite full by the time we got to dessert.. this was delicious! Loved the combination of chocolate ganache and pistachio. Of course, you can never go wrong with fresh raspberry puree!

At the end of the night we headed home with full stomachs, lots of respect for the talents and efforts of the entire Main Event Team, lots of good cheer,and of course Main Event’s signature chocolate truffles.. YUM!

Looking forward to our next event together- perhaps it will be yours! Contact Michelle and she will help design a deliciously innovative menu for your next event- and their top notch service will bring your dreams to life! This is exactly why I enjoy working with Main Event, and Michelle, so much!


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