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April 9, 2012

Word of the Week: Prelude




1. any action, event, comment, etc. that precedes something else.
2.  Music. a piece that precedes a more important movement.

Wedding Wise

“Background” music played at the beginning of the ceremony, as guests arrive and are seated.

Image of Sage String Quartet courtesy of Aaron Haslinger

Prelude music is the first music your guests hear at your wedding. The purpose of prelude music is to welcome guests as they arrive to be seated before the ceremony, approximately 15 to 30 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. While the printed invitation is the first hint at the tone and style of your wedding that guests receive, the prelude music is the next. Whether you have string trios or quartets, guitar, piano, or organists, even a choir, consider music that suits your taste and style- whether it’s classic, contemporary, or maybe even some modern love songs- these songs should easily transition into the processional selections that indicate the ceremony is beginning and the bridal party begins to process down the aisle!

Not sure where to start? Do some research online and listen to audio samples. Two of our favorite local groups are:

Sage String Quartet: http://www.sagestringquartet.com/?page_id=31

St. Charles String Quartet http://stcharlesquartet.com/audio-samples/

Sites likes these and  others will help you pick things you like, and you don’t like, and start to get a feel for what you want. Your wedding planner is also a great source of information!


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