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April 23, 2012

Word of the Week: Postlude

We’ll, if you read our vocab post a few weeks ago about a prelude, you probably have an educated guess about this week’s word!




1. a concluding piece or movement.
2.  a voluntary at the end of a church service.

Wedding Wise

“Background” music played at the end of the ceremony, at the conclusion of the recessional- once the bride and groom, wedding party, and officiant, have exited. It typically lasts about 15 minutes, fades into the background until every guest has left the area.

Postlude music are the final songs your guests hear at your wedding ceremony. The purpose of postlude music is to seamlessly transition from recessional music and provide background and ambiance while your guests file out of the ceremony and make their way to the lobby, outside, and onto the reception.

Your string trios or quartets, guitar, piano, or organists, even a choir, should perform music that suits your taste and style, and transitions smoothly from the recessional.

Image by Deb Lindsey

Not sure where to start? Do some research online and listen to audio samples. Two of our favorite local groups are:

Sage String Quartet

St. Charles String Quartet 

Sites likes these and  others will help you pick things you like, and if you are local, they are top notch vendors you will want to book! Your wedding planner is also a great source of information!


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