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June 29, 2012

Tip from the Ribbon Box: Angle your Topper!

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A quick and easy Friday tip for the weekend.  Angle your cake topper so it is visible from afar, not just looking down over top it. Looks fab in pics too!

Check out Laura & Ryan’s topper. See what I mean?

Images from Studio Juno






April 27, 2012

An At Home Bar Made Simple

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When you’re hosting an at-home event, you want things to be simple, yet offer guests plenty of beverage options. The easiest way is a self-serve bar, as most of us have done in the past. Why not take it to the next level and make some fun drink suggestions (along with having all the supplies ready) and theme them around the guest(s) of honor! Including the ingredients and directions made it simple and gave every guest the confidence of a bartender!

We had a lot of fun putting this menu together- we stuck with mostly vodka drinks, but added a few others for good measure. It was a lot of fun coming up with the names, and it was a great conversation starter, everyone wanted to know which drink people were trying! My favorite was the Patty Palmer, an Arnold Palmeresque iced-tea/lemonade and voka concoction! The RaspPATTY Mojito and PinkPattyTini were quite popular as well!

Guests had everything they needed, along with a cocktail menu, to serve themselves throughout the night.


January 19, 2012

Advice: Tea Time

Dear Tiffany

Hey Tiffany! Looks like you have been keeping busy! I actually had a wedding-related question for you. I am the MOH for my cousin’s wedding this summer, and am on the search for personalized tea bags. Her bridal shower is a tea party theme and I wanted to get these as the favor. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! THANKS!



Hi MP,

How exciting to be planning a bridal shower! Personalized teabags sound like a lovely idea. Here are a few recommendations:

Highly recommend going through Etsy- so many creative folks and reasonable prices- this will allow you to get the most custom:

1. Wrappers Delites has this adorable little ones:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/60444554/love-is-brewing-weddingshower-teabag?ga_search_query=teabag&ga_search_type=user_shop_ttt_id_5832489

2. Seller AdorebyNat can create custom ones to match as well: http://www.etsy.com/listing/63737067/teabag-party-favor-damask-tea-included?ga_search_query=teabag&ga_search_type=user_shop_ttt_id_5141605

If you’re feeling particularly crafty,  here are some DIY directions from Project Wedding  (just price it out first so you don’t end up spending more or the same amount doing it yourself, than you could have just ordered!) http://www.projectwedding.com/wedding-ideas/diy-easy-tea-bag-favors

For more commerical, you can order from Beaucoup, an online party favor and decoration resource: http://www.beau-coup.com/personalized_tea_favors.htm

I hope these suggestions help! Please send a photo and what you end up doing- I’d love to see what you go with, and we’ll share it on the blog!



Have a wedding related question? Email Tiffany@ribbonboxevents.com and yours could be featured on the blog!

December 22, 2011

Tip from the Ribbon Box: Ribbon Wreath!

One last post before we close up shop and enjoy the holidays with our loved ones!

A quick and easy project with my favorite material, RIBBON! This is also a great way to display all those holiday cards you get in the mail each year! use a neutral ribbon, and it could stay up all year long!

What You’ll Need:

1 foam wreath  (you pick the size- depending upon the space you have to hang, or how many cards you expect!)


ribbon (at least 2 inches wide)

straight pins


Start out by attaching your ribbon to the inside of the wreath with a straight pin. You could also glue, but I like to reuse the same wreath with different ribbon, so the ribbon comes off much easier this way!

Roll your ribbon in and out of the wreath, overlapping each time, so you are sure to cover all areas.

Sometimes it helps to have an extra set of hands (thanks husband!)

Continue wrapping until the entire real is covered. Cut ribbon and secure to inside with another straight pins.


Using the same ribbon, cut a piece long enough to wrap around and use as a holder (you decide how much hanging length you need)


Hang on a small nail and attach cards you receive with straight pins!

This project is great year round to get some clutter off your counters, and showcase the letters, notes, and memories you love, and aren’t quite ready to toss yet. Imagine how lovely it would be to put your wedding cards up- or a birthday, or how about a mixture of “just because?”



December 2, 2011

Tip from the Ribbon Box: Elegant and Eco-Friendly Flatware

Recently I planned an at home reception for some dear friends who were married this summer near San Francisco. They chose their favorite Thai restaurant (that they are known to frequent at least once a week!) and had a casual, open-seating floorplan with some great tunes and a well stocked bar. The original reception was set against a stunning backdrop of redwoods, and the overall feel of the wedding was elegantly earth chic with soft pastels that popped against the wooden scenery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wanted to stay true to the feel of their wedding for the at home reception. I think those redwoods out in California would be proud of choice of cutlery! These fun bamboo (available from Smarty Had a Party and Party City)  forks and knives (spoons also available) made by Bambu are chemical and pesticide free, contain no bleach or dyes, and biodegrade in 4-6 months. Bamboo is also a fast growing renewable resource. Additionally, they are a wonderful step up from traditional plastic cutlery and paper plates- and a wonderful middle ground between china and traditional disposables!

Tucked inside a simple tuxedo/pocket fold and accompanied by bamboo plates, we were ready to go!


August 5, 2011

From the Ribbon Box: Bulgarian Ribbon Ceremony

It’s such an honor to share a beautiful ceremony that I don’t think may of our readers have seen. Irena and Mark’s wedding was a beautiful blending of Bulgarian and American traditions (and two wonderful families!). One of the Bulgarian ceremonies incorporated was the ribbon ceremony. For a bit more visual impact, we used chair sashes in red, white, and light blue. The bridal party participates in this ceremony by lining up and holding the ribbons. The bride and groom pass through each ribbon together, which symbolize love, hope, and peace. Here’s a look at the ceremony!

The groom’s sister read the following text as they passed through the ribbons. We also described the ceremony (and several other traditions) on menu cards in both Bulgarian and English so all guests would understand what was happening!

Image by MEJ photography

“From today your family pours out in two different bloodlines.”

Image by MEJ Photography

“Red is the color of love: the real, the dedicated, the everlasting. Let your whole life be marked with this wonderful warm color.”

Image by MEJ Photography

“White is the color of hope: of joy and affection. Trust each other and share with joy your bread and your bed.”

Image by MEJ Photography

“Blue is the color of peace: of hope and harmony. Let your lives together be like the sky above you, always clear and free.”



July 22, 2011

Tip from the Ribbon Box: Hire a Wedding Planner

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A former client’s parent wrote this as she was reviewing my services, and I thought it was a great perspective to share!


Some of the BENEFITS of a wedding planner.

Getting married? Sure it’s an exciting time, the marriage ceremony, the parties and all the fun that go with it. Assure yourself that it stays fun and let Ribbon Box Events take care of the “not so fun” to do’s on the list.

You think you can do it yourself? Sure you can! Send the invites, book the venues, select the flowers, chose a caterer. Easy! Or is it?

A few things to keep in mind:

Who will handle the uncomfortable situations with the “in-laws and other family members”? (Believe me; they can appear in the most inconvenient ways)

Who will think of creative ways to stage the reception?

Who else will be there to fix your wardrobe malfunction before anyone else sees it?

Who will carry the bridal bag of essentials (ah the bridal bag!)

Who will be the assertive one in a moment of stress in dealing with the caterer, the reception hall, the guests, the bartenders, should we go on?

Who will keep things coordinated and flowing with the MC?

Who will make sure the gifts and cards are secure?

Who will think of everything you forgot?

June 3, 2011

Tip From the Ribbon Box: Ribbon Wrapped Napkins

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A few weeks ago I staffed a baby shower with Tywana Tyler of Events Simply Beautiful. The guest count was around 60 people, and since guests would be coming and going, a buffet was set up so guests could come and go as they please, eating, chatting, mingling, and wishing the soon to be mom and dad well.  Here’s a quick little how to on the napkin presentation. Quick, easy, and can be done ahead of time!

As you’ll see below, these ribbon wrapped napkins not only are purposeful, but give a little pop of interest to the tables. Enjoy!

Materials needed:

1 pair of fabric scissors, or a nice, sharp pair that will cut cleanly through ribbon, and not fray.

1 strand of ribbon, approx 8-10 inches long (as you can see from the photo above, we used both wide and narrow width ribbon.

*If you plan to make bows, I suggest using the narrow ribbon for a cleaner, more proportioned look.


Place your napkin, already folded into a square (opening should be the bottom point), with a peice of ribbon behind it.

Attach the name tag (these were the parents names and a logo used throughout the event stationery- if doing assigned seating, these could be your place cards on the guest  tables alerting guests to their seating assignments)

Pull the ribbon tighter, keeping the favor tag visible. The napkin will easily roll up. Secure by tying a bow


 Trim the bow with scissors to even out, and voila!



The end result is simple, and lovely!

Congratulations to Tywana on a job well done!


May 24, 2011

How Much Alcohol?

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Dear Digital Crinoline,
My fiance and I are providing our own alcohol for our reception. At the time we talked about it, it seemed like a great idea, and money saver, but now that we need to start arranging orders, I have no idea how much to order!
Fearful of thirsty guests!

Dear Fearful of Thirsty Guests,

First off, Digital Crinoline is taking a break from the blog for a bit, but don’t worry, she’ll be back soon!  In the meantime, I’m happy to take this one! Providing your own alcohol for an event can be a great moneysaver- but like all other things, it’s always important to consider the value/savings/time ratio. Is the savings worth the additional time and efforts needed to make this (and anything else for that matter) worth it? Or are you better off keeping it part of your catering order?

Things to keep in mind:
*Typically, you can expect one drink per person per hour
*Weather and seasons can affect the ( a warm weather, outdoor gatherings, you can expect more clear drinks and lighter wines to be consumed)
* number of hours you will offer bar service (cocktail hour, 4 hour reception?)
*Consult a drink calculator- I find Evite’s to be helpful:
*Consult your caterer for advice- many are willing to review your order list and make recommendations
*Purchase your alcohol from a supplier that allows you to return unopened bottles and alcohol that has not been chilled

*If you want to try to limit or control consumption, consider a specialty cocktail that is offered during cocktail hour- that way you know you only need a certain alcohol and mixer. If cost is an factor, the signature drink could be the only alcoholic beverage served, and otherwise, water and soft drinks are available. It also can be pre-made and served on trays as passed items, which reduces the initial line at the bar for cocktail hour.

Image by Rodney Bailey

For those of you hosting an at-home event, you may be responsible for more than just alcohol. Here’s a quick list of items not to be forgotten!

Bottle openers (beer, wine)
Cocktail stirrers
Cranberry juice
Fresh Mint
Glassware (for cocktails, wine, beer, soft drinks, water, tea)
Orange juice Soda water
Soft drinks (coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale)
Sour Mix
Speciality mixers (for specialty drinks or signature cocktails, i.e. mojitos, margaritas)
Tonic water

Bottoms up!


April 19, 2011

QuickTip: Using Social Media to Save You $$$


Image from Vacation Ideas


As you look at honeymoon options and begin planning, be sure to check out the social media outlets for the resort, airlines and areas you are considering.  Are you following them on Twitter? Liking them on Facebook?  Many hotels and resorts offer special discounts and promotions to their followers. 

The same can be said for destination weddings!

Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

Just yesterday, Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas tweeted:

Atlantisresort: Do you know couples that book the Celebrate LOVE Package get a comp 3-night return stay for their 1st anniversary? http://bit.ly/atpi-26

Not too shabby!

(My husband won us a trip back to Hawaii -our honeymoon spot- for our first anniversary, all thanks to Twitter! Alas, that’s another story, for another day!)


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