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January 19, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Lettering By Lynne

Lettering by Lynne

This week, we’re profiling Lynne Sandler of Lettering by Lynne. Lynne is a calligrapher and trusted source for all things paper- invitations, escort and place cards, table numbers, favor cards, you name it!  Stepping into Lynne’s home office – your creative juices begin flowing- she has so many great samples of her work to inspire and show you she is the perfect vendor to pull your wedding together! We really enjoyed chatting with her- and hope you enjoy her responses too! 

1. Describe yourself in three words:

Patient (with capital P), caring, articulate

2. Why did you choose to work in weddings/events?

This choice evolved naturally – I started as a calligrapher (yes, by hand) in 1978, and began addressing envelopes and designing invitations for customers. Many of the customers were brides, and I really enjoyed the excitement and enthusiasm of these clients. I found it very rewarding to work with women and men who were planning the biggest event of their lives, and to be able to contribute to their happiness.

3. What do you love most about your job?

I love the anticipation of opening a box of invitations which has just been delivered and seeing the finished product. I love looking at envelopes or escort/place cards I’ve addressed in a beautiful or whimsical font. I love reading the ceremony programs of each couple. And, most of all, I love watching the faces of the couple when they see their invitation or envelopes for the first time.

4. What inspires you?

Wanting to help brides and grooms create a special, unique format for all their paper goods for their wedding – from the invitation, to the envelope addresses, to the escort/place cards, favor tags, and everything else connected to the big event. Knowing that I am contributing to their special day is an inspiration for me.

5. Share one of the most memorable events you took part in and why it was so special.

Our daughter was getting married, and suddenly I was designing the invitation, addressing it, creating her ceremony program, Shabbat dinner invitation, escort cards, table number cards, hospitality bags, favors, and probably some items I’m forgetting! And, remarkably, we didn’t get into the typical mother/daughter scenes that so many brides and their mothers experience. When the wedding weekend arrived, it was thrilling to see all the things I had worked on with so much love actually being used. It’s an experience I’ll never forget!

6. Complete this sentence, “If I did not work in the wedding industry, I would…..”

… I would probably have a lot more spare time! But, if I hadn’t gotten into this field, I might have considered going to medical school, although when I was the appropriate age for that profession, very few girls were becoming doctors.

7. How would you describe your style/product?

My 25 plus years as a hand calligrapher have given me a knowledge of layout and style that enhances the work I do. It helps me with every envelope or escort/place card addressing job I undertake. And my 30 plus years experience in the wedding industry helps me as I guide brides in their selection of invitations and other paper items for their wedding. I work with each bride as a unique individual, and give her as much attention as she requires.


8. What advice would you give to brides and grooms on choosing a calligrapher?

It’s important to ask to see samples of their handicraft! Today, because there are so few trained hand calligraphers, their calligraphy is expensive. Why – because calligraphy requires years of study and meticulous attention to detail. And, the process itself is slow. An alternative is computerized calligraphy, which is much faster and certainly much less costly. Also, there is very little waste (with hand calligraphy, every time the calligrapher makes a mistake, a new envelope needs to be started.) A good specialist in computerized calligraphy will have a wide range of type styles, and should be able to match most invitation fonts. The specialist should also offer fonts designed by calligraphers that resemble hand calligraphy or handwriting. Always bring a sample of your invitation to show the calligrapher, and when the envelopes are addressed, leave a few with the calligrapher for last minute changes or additions to your guest list.

9. What advice would you give to brides and grooms on the wedding planning process in general?

Do your research. Read bridal magazines. Attend a bridal show. And have realistic expectations – don’t expect to be able to match everything you see on the internet or in a magazine. But know that it’s possible to create a beautiful, elegant wedding on any budget as long as you’re willing to compromise, to be imaginative, and to take the advice of professionals.

10. Lastly for fun, if they made a movie of your life,which actor/actress would you want to play you?

I’ve been told that Francis Sternhagen, (the mother of Kira Sedgewick on The Closer) would be a good candidate. (But my choice would be Olympia Dukakis.)

Lynne, thanks so much for taking the time to chat!!



Want to contact Lynne directly? Here’s how:

Telephone: 703-548-5427
e-mail: invite@LetteringByLynne.com

or, visit http://letteringbylynne.com/

A Reminder– this is not paidpost for advertising. Instead, this is simply a way of introducing you to some of my favorite vendors I love working with in the DC metropolitan area (some nationwide) and an opportunity for a glimpse into their personalities, inspiration, and work!d